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Northern District Apostolic Women

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Northern District Apostolic Women Staff

We have moved into this Millennium with a new vision responding to the call that we hear upon our lives, in our homes, in our churches and our communities, moving prayerfully and in the authority of Jesus name.

The Apostolic women do respect time and the changes it bring while never compromising with the world. Holy women do stand with the Word of God not letting the turn of the century turn us From the will of God. In this decade we believe anything wonderful can happen when Jesus is exalted.

The Northern District Women Convention was started 36 years ago by the Late Mother Edith Johnson,

Not one person can claim the credit for the progress of this great convention.

Our success is due to all of us working together with one mind and our President Pastor Dr. Lelia Edwards is doing a great Job in the leading us in Jesus Name!

As I reflect upon the history of this meeting, I can not but think about how blessed I was to have a the founder, Mother Edith Johnson as a member of our church:
Christ Chapel. ( Pastor Elder Samuel Edwards ) When she received this vision and dream that we are enjoying today. She came to me and told me all that the Lord had given to her, I advised her to go to Elder Edwards and tell him what she had received from God. At that time we were having a forth Sunday fellowship meeting for women in the Bay Area, This meeting was organized by Mother Johnson she was not satisfied with just the Bay Area involvement. Her dream was to create a meeting that would bring in all the churches in the Northern District, that women may exercise their ministries. Mother Johnson prayed as always, she asked me to pray with her that God would give her the knowledge to organize such a meeting. The first thing she did was to invite all the Pastors and their wives in the Northern District to a dinner to obtain their permission to include their churches in this meeting. And then we organized the Northern District Apostolic Women's Convention and for the next 8 years we worked hard under the direction of Mother Johnson. When Mother's health began to fail she again informed me concerning the something's we needed to do in order for this meeting to be carried on successfully. She decided to call a Business meeting she wanted to tell the sister's she was no longer able to perform as she had in the past and we needed a president. She and become concerned as to weather " the meeting would alright". She would tell me, Sis: Edwards don't let the convention go down. This business meeting was held at the Christ Chapel, pastor Booker nominated me for President and I declined in favor of Mother Holman being president and I became her vice president. I'm very happy to report that we have worked together as a team. And now we have made another change and God has brought it right back to my hands and I now am the President of the Northern District Women's convention with the Wonderful Mother Bernice Johnson as my Vice President and we are looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith to lead us threw years to come! This is the Apostolic season lets get ready for the move of God

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