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About DOGMA Ministries and outlets of Information

DOGMA Minisries is a ministry of The King's Chapel Reformed Baptist Church in West Chester, Ohio USA. This ministry is designed to comunicate information for prayer concerning Baptist Missionaries who embrace the doctrines of grace. We also distribute Bible Studies and Sermons for such men as Pink, Spurgeon, MacArthur, Gill as well as many others. We do this through YahooGroups creating ezines and Bulletins for communication. Listed below are the access for these different pages. All subscriptions and services we render are free as God has freely graced us.

DOGMA Communication Ministry
Doctrines Of Grace Missions Advocates Communication Ministry As a part of our Missions Communication ministry we felt it necessary to also promote good theology. Biblical Missions and Biblical Theology are absolutely inseparable. A lack of good theology demonstrates a shallow or a self motivated Mission program. It is our conviction that the perceived need of lost souls, as true as that is, it is not in fact the foundation for Missions. We present articles on Missions and articles concerning our Sovereign and Wise God, His grace and the work through His saints. We have again, as in our missions ministry (they cannot be truly separated), we are using YahooGroups, because of their exposure to the public and easy availability to the brethren.

We have the following ministries that can be accessed via Yahoogroups. We desire to use it to glorify God, edify brethren, and present the truth of God's word as a savor of life unto life and death unto death. We hope you will join us, and tell us of resources and ministries you may have.

Missions Communication Pages

The Grace Prayer Bulletin

The Grace Prayer Bulletin is a weekly letter that summarizes information we receive from a number Missionaries who are committed to the doctrines of grace and are historically Baptist.

The Grace World View

The Grace World View is a ministry of The King's Chapel. It reviews weekly nations (alphabetically) and different types of ministries that promote Missions and opportunities for spiritual growth and witness.

The Grace Church Planters fellowship

We are desiring to gather information that will be helpful to those who desire to plant Churches that preach the doctrines of Grace. There is no posting schedule, if you would like to email me and suggest articles or sources of information please feel free to do so.

DOGMA - Doctrines Of Grace Missions Activity Letters

The letters we receive from around the world, they are posted for the enjoyment of others and for the exercise of prayer for Missionaries who stand in Christ, by faith alone in Christ alone.

The Grace Prayer Bulletin Short Post

This Group is designed to secure the edited messages for The Grace Prayer Bulletin in case our computer crashes or to be used if I am out of town.

Grace Baptist News (GBN)

Grace Baptist News (GBN) is a desire for the future. At this time we will be rarely posting news of Grace Baptist from around the world. You may subscribe now and pray and hope it develops as we get more help and opportunity to labor in this.

The Stan and Beverly Line Prayer Letter

Stan and Bev Line have been supported for the past almost 38 years by Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA, as missionaries in Colombia.

The Keith Underhill Prayer Letter

We hope you will desire to Receive the email prayer letters from the Underhill family in Kenya as they are standing for the doctrines of grace. They are Baptist Missionaries and would be thrilled to have you stand with them in prayer.

The Brian and Necy Ellis Prayer Letter

Receive the Missionary Prayer letters of Brian and Necy Ellis in their entirety. Subscribe in order to keep track of the information Brian and Necy put out on a regular basis.

The E-Zine Ministry

The Grace Magazine Rack

The Grace Magazine Rack will feature posting of different doctrines of grace E-Zines. Contact me if you would like to post an E-Zine here. I am looking for E-Zines that are biblical in nature and not political or social, apart from issues directly dealt with in Scripture.
We Currently distribute 5 E-Zines Regularly, they include The Grace Baptist E-Zine, The King's Realm E-Zine, The Founder's Journal, The Coals of FIRE E-Zine, and the 21st Century Reformer E-Zine.

The King's Realm

We desire to present the view of Scripture concerning Missions and Biblical Theology. We are committed to the Sovereign and Infinite Grace of God. We would welcome any to receive this E-Zine via Yahoo-groups free of Charge.

The Coals of F.I.R.E.

The Coals of FIRE E-Zine is geared mainly to provide information concerning the Fellowship of Reformed Evangelicals. We are committed to the Doctrines of Grace, which demonstrate the wisdom of God in providing a perfect salvation for His people. In addition to these articles we try to feature Churches that are a part of the fellowship and Missionaries who are a part of these Churches and are friends of the ministry.

The 21st Century Reformer E-Zine

The 21st Century is designed to present articles calling for a New Reformation declaring from a base of the Whole Counsel of God. We desire saturate our hearts with the whole counsel of God to demonstrate the Biblical perspective of the doctrines of His glorious grace.

The Grace Baptist E-Zine

This E-Zines focus is on Grace (Reformed) Baptist Churches in the UK and missionaries from the UK who are Grace Baptist throughout the globe. It is our desire to help Grace Baptist keep informed and learn more of how God is graciously using brethren of like mind throughout the globe. For more direct information please contact me, the owner of this group via the group of or at I welcome those of like mind to post articles for possible publication. So if you have a good article drop it by me.

The Founder's Journal E-Zine

The Founder's Journal E-Zine is set up so that as we receive the Founder's Journal from the Founders Ministry we will email it directly to you by email. We love the Founders and are listed among the Founders Friends directory (Ohio - The Gerard's). Permission was received to send the Founders Journal freely to anyone who would like to receive it. Please feel free also to invite others to join us in receiving this publication.
Much thanks to the Founders for the opportunity to be a part of their ministry.

The Electronic Publication Ministry

Free Grace E-Books

Free Grace E-Books are intended for all to read. Do not hesitate to email me questions at We will have been granted gracious permission to link to other sites to create books that can be read electronically. You are invited to join and enjoy.

Free Grace E-Tracts

Free Grace E-Tracts is a group dedicated to a sound understanding of God's Grace. We are committed to giving opportunity to forwards tracts that speak of the perfect work of Christ at Calvary for His elect.

Biblical Theological Pages

Grace To You

First, we are not associated with Grace To You Radio Broadcast or their ministry, except in support as Grace Partners. We do stand in complete agreement with them doctrinally and have a real love for their ministry. If you enjoy John MacArthur's teaching and the truth's of God's word feel free to subscribe. My thanks to the folks at Grace To You for permission to do this and the help their transcripts are to us.

John Gill Bible Study Class

We feature the teaching of Dr. John Gill from his 1600's pulpit. John Gill had a good way of saturating his messages with Scripture in his thought pattern.

The Grace Discipler

Our purpose is to edify the body of Christ with basic essential truths from John MacArthur's Study Guides. We stand in God's grace and wisdom alone as sufficient for life and godliness as found in the Scriptures. You may contact us at

The AW Pink Bible Studies

AW Pink, a teacher from the early part of the twentieth Century. We will try to post at least a message every week sometimes more.

The Sovereign God

I hope you enjoy reading of the Sovereignty God. God is truly infinite and wise and able to save all who come to him to the uttermost. You can email at if you would like to suggest articles.

The Spurgeon Pulpit Weekly

A page dedicated to bringing 2 weekly messages by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Pastor Spurgeon was a British Pastor with a heart of the Puritans and a very good speaker.

Matthew Henry Through the Bible

We will be going thru the Bible with Matthew Henry. He is one of the better Known English men from the 17th Century. This is open to all to receive. I deliver about 5-6 short concise Messages per week.

Newton Bush Bible Studies

Newton Bush is a Co-Pastor at The King's Chapel in West Chester, Ohio USA. I have asked permission to post the outlines of his messages on the YahooGroups. If you decide to subscribe I believe you will be edified in this pursuit of Biblical truth.

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