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Solid Rock Community Centre

White Webuye, Project Director • Buru Buru/Jericho, NAIROBI P.O. Box 72378 • Kenya • 0733 - 742944/see/charmin/CM05693

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Solid Rock Community Centre tries to reach people both spiritually and physical needs. So the vision of coming with programmes that would empower the community was born. Our programmes are aimed at offering training, education to the less fortunate and creating employment to the members of the community who would otherwise not be in a position to receive the same under normal circumstances. The following is a list of the management committee of Solid Rock Community Centre

  • Pastor Mickey Okeyo - Overall Incharge
  • White I.D. Webuye - Project Director
  • Julius Maina - In charge of the prison Ministry
  • Eric Ochieng - Crisis Centre Director and in charge of counselling
  • Selina Muasya - Committee Member
  • Betty O. Webuye - In charge of hospitality and public relations
  • Maurice Otieno - In charge of sports and Nursery school at Kiambio
  • Festo Ouma Wesuna - Vocational Director and lecturer at the dress making school
  • Jackline Abuto - Projects Accountant
  • Rebecca Akinyi - In charge of the typing school and doubles up as the Secretary
  • Felix Otieno - In charge of Welfare and men's fellowship
  • Celestine Otieno - In praise and worship choir and women's fellowship
  • Humphrey Webuye - Organisation Advisor
  • Caesar Odhiambo - Youth, Schools and Colleges Ministry

Mission, Vision Statement, Objectives and Program


To empower the community both spiritually and physically.


  • To mobilise and bring together people in all matters of community socio-economic activities by way of organisation, participation and/or contribution.
  • To Promote spiritual guidance for the community
  • To cater for general welfare of the community by way of assistance, participation and/or contributions especially in times of need.
  • To create a link between key people and our youth thereby create a network for these people.
  • To recognise the talent that has been produced from the community and to reward various individuals, organisations and groups of people who have made a difference in the community.
  • To equip the community with skills that they can use to earn a living
  • To create employment opportunities to the community
  • To offer skills and training facilities to the community
  • To Promote dialogue, reconciliation and networking among members of the community
  • To promote recreational activities to the community
  • To Recognise and promote potential talent among the youth
  • Dressmaking School situated at our centre Uhuru Estate next to Ridhika Supermarket - This project was formed in February 2000. The school is headed by the vocational director and has two teachers as staff. The school offers classes to students from 9 am to 7.00 pm in the evening. These classes offer 2 hour, half day and full day programmes depending on the students' choice. This project is self-sustaining and self supporting. Currently we have an average of seven students per class. We have two sawing machines, which are used for practicals.
  • Spiritual, crisis and Career Counselling Centre - This project is headed by our pastor. It offers free counselling service to people in need such as HIV patients, terminally ill patients, marital problems, drug related problems etc. We also offer career counselling to schools and colleges and once in a while our pastor features in the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation radio offering counselling through the media. We also have a Youth and Networking, a programme that deals with creating and nurturing sustainable working partnerships among the youth.
  • Love Lines Crisis Centre - We have set up a telephone crisis centre that is headed by a director. This is a unique ministry, the first of its kind in Kenya and there are telephone counsellors on standby ready to pray and counsel with callers in need. Currently, we have one room and one telephone. This current set-up operates for 12 hours a day and our vision is to expand to a 24-hour service as we increase our set-up and our staff. This will be dictated by availability of funds. This centre was set up with support from Love Crisis Centre, an organisation based in the United States of America and now it is an affiliate of the same.
  • Non-Formal School - This school is situated in Kiambio Slums and benefits children from the slums by offering low cost education to those children that missed the opportunity of joining a formal school due to one reason or another. Currently we have only a nursery school that has a number of children, but we intend to expand to offering primary education, with a feeding programme as an incentive to attract children from the slums who would otherwise opt to go to the streets to beg because of poverty in the slum. We have a rented premise which is big enough to accommodate thirty students and an office. The church funds this school.
  • Typing School situated at our centre in Uhuru Estate next to Ridhika Supermaket - Currently we have typing school that offers typing courses to student leading to a Grade- Three certificate in the Kenya National Examination Council. We offer both part-time and full-time courses to applicants at very low costs. We have an average of four students per class with two type-writers. This school employs two instructors and the vocational director heads it. This school is self-sustaining and self supporting.
  • The Hall of Fame Annual Award scheme - The Jericho Hall of Fame Award was an idea conceived by The Solid Rock Community Church. The motto for this award was "Promoting Our People Using Our People". This is aimed at helping people who have made it in life find a way to give back to the community. This award targets individuals, groups of people and organisations who have roots in Jericho. Jericho Estate is among the oldest estates in Nairobi and is located in Eastlands. This estate has a population of about 10,000 households. It was constructed in the early sixties by a grant from the Israeli Government. Jericho Estate has two sections, Jericho Lumumba and Ofafa Jericho. This proposal targets both of these sections and we intend to extend this programme to other areas.
  • Sports Activities - Our aim is to bring people together using sports activities. Currently we have an Annual Football tournament (Councillor Mwai Cup) that has been running for the last two years. We also have other sports disciplines such as basket ball, volley ball, netball, boxing, tug of war, in-door games such as chess and scrabble.
  • Post prison ministry - we have a post prison ministry programme that tries to bridge the gap between for ex-convicts and the church and to show them that there is hope after prison. This programme was set up with assistance and charter from the Koinonia House National Ministries, Inc. from Wheaton Illinois - United States of America. In future we plan to set up a loan schemes to help them set up small business, offer them training in different field. We also plan to set up a sponsor-sponsee relationship whereby an ex-convict develops a relationship with a role model who will help him/her in the walk to rehabilitation.
  • Youth and Economic Empowerment : This aims at making the youth self - Reliant. And also aims at creating Environmental Stewardship among the Youth by exploring possibilities of green entrepreneurship.

We would like to seek to partner up with any organisation worldwide to enhance our programs. We are are also seeking sponsorship and gifts from well wishers and these can be sent to:

The Project Director

Solid Rock Community Centre

P.O. Box 72378


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