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We are a ministry dedicated to serving those among us who have a need greater than their abilities to fill it. Whether a disabled, serverely afflicted child, an out of funds, hungry family; someone needing a hand returning to a more societally productive life, a poor wanderer on the streets; someone shut away in a facility somewhere without the opportunity or the means to furnish for themselves... some of the little extras which would bring some small measure of comfort to their lives. All this, with an eye always open to recognize and seize upon an opportunity to lead one to the LORD'S table.


We are, after all, about the business of advancing the "Good News" the gospel of Salvation. Bringing it (the gospel) to those who have not heard it before in a way that applies it to them. We are involved with "street evangelism" "tent evangelism" "public gospel music evangelism" and "internet, live video, prayer line evangelism." It is our calling: To preach Salvation through the shedding of the blood of Jesus- The Christ; Lord and Savior of all those who would identify with Him and with His divine Lordship.

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