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India Ministries Fellowship

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Invest in Today's Youth - the Hope of Tomorrow...

Christians everywhere partnering with Christians in India to reach out and touch the little ones in the midst of their poverty... In 1984 we started a process which has steadily increased in its outreach to young boys and girls from poor homes. We intervene with our encouragement to them to go to school and study, we provide the books, the notebooks, the uniform and clothes and pay the fees, and on top of these we provide them with spiritual care and social development through talent and skill development options.
ARUL YESU ILLAM is a home for the boys, located in the rural sector of Thiruthani near Arkonam of Tamil Nadu. Over 50 boys from surrounding villages come and reside here and study. Some have become graduates and others have found training options to become teachers, pastors, evangelists, wardens and public servants.
EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) is the name of our programs at Chennai in a slum area called Madhavaram and in Kolar Gold Fields in Karnaraka State. Over 50 boys and girls educated every year has become a testimony of value to prove the Gospel among the poor. In the Gold mine town, it is a good 110 girls adopted into the program. From elementary level to college level as they spread, some have excelled to our joy. From these units we have seen medical, dental and computer graduates and many become nurses, teachers, secretaries and drivers.
CENTRAL OFFICE staff provide support of Community Development Coordination, Financial accountability, Spiritual care and Supervision. There is much to accomplish.

Partnership in Compassion

"Christian Mission is the process of creative intervention into the miserable settings of the life of poverty and pain that people go through, in order to alter their lot and to provide transformative alternates in the power of the Cross through the motivation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ" says the Indian Missiologist Dr. Siga Arles, whose call to partnership brought few Western Christians to work with a team of Indian Christians to organise a ministry of support in the name of "India Ministries Fellowship".
At any point new partners may join in and as more begin to partner together, many more of the young men and women could be helped in a constructive way. Either by a regular monthly contribution or by a periodical donation or by establishing of bursaries, you may become a partner in this ministry of social uplift and spiritual outreach.
If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, please contact us today. Why postpone to tomorrow, what you can do today? May the God of all Compassion Bless You today and multiply your vision for the world.

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