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Albert Kang International Ministries

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Church Growth and Cell Ministries

Rev Albert Kang has been a pastor since 1981. He was involved in a number of Churches in Singapore and around Asia. In 1986, with only 23 people, he started a new Church in Singapore. The church grew to over 300 in the first 6 months and went on to exceed 1,000 people within two years. By the time, Pastor Albert left for Cambodia in 1992, the mother Church has grown to over 1,700 and many more thousands in 14 other branches that he has planted. He has been invited by more than 100 churches in Asia to conduct Church Growth Seminar. Many struggling churches receive a new direction after the seminars. Churches literally doubled in size after applying God's principles of Church Growth in twelve months. Pastor Albert Kang is now in Pittsburgh and will be willing to share with any pastors the dynamic principles of Church Growth.

Your Church Can Grow!

Your Church can grow and it must grow! It is nothing wrong to begin small but it is everything wrong to stay small. Pastor Albert will be most willing to size up your situation and then conduct the Church Growth Seminar at your Church. You provide him with a simple hotel room to sleep, some food and pay for his traveling expense and he will come and visit you. This is not a money making venture, it is the Lord's ministry and Pastor Albert's greatest desire is to see your Church succeed as a powerful soul-winning Church. Please write to Pastor Albert Kang ay

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