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Our Mission

To assist African American Churches to develop church based involvemenet in global mission.

To help African Americans Christians find mission service opportunities

To help churches design or add short term missions to their Christian growth and discipleship activities for youth, young adults and older adults.

To foster the development of networks and relationships between African American churchres and organizations and churches and organizations in other parts of the world.

African American Mission Resources

We provide churches with:
* Motivational Videos by African American Pastors & Missionaries
* Education Videos and books on African Americans in Mission
Consultation with mission organizations, current and former international missionaries, and mission minded pastors who can assist churches develop or expand their missions program
* Developing an effective missions board or missions committee
* Planning an effective missions conference
* Developing a missions support policy
* Identifying African American missionaries
* Developing a relationship with a church or mission
organization in Africa, The Carribean, New Zealand,
India, England

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