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Co-Founders: Mark & Peggy Fritts, 6715 South Richmond # 540 • Tulsa, OK 74136 • United States • 918-809-9730/see/charmin/CM01689

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"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses

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Our heartbeat is to share God's love, acceptance & forgiveness with the people of this city and nation before Jesus comes back. Through effective Door to door evangelism
Through our outreach ministries i.e: drama (street), hospital, prison and crusades
By teaching & training leaders in our Bible school's 1st and 2nd year programs.
We are working right now on our Video Bible school that will go into remote mountain villages without roads to teach the people who have no other possible way to receive Bible training.

By working together with other local churches and ministries to hold teaching seminars and large evangelistic crusades.
Special large children's meetings (If we reach the children...their parents are comin' in!)

E-Dot's Transport Room
"Every day I plan for success because the person without a plan is always at the mercy of the person with one!


We began as missionaries in July of 1992. We have invested several years as founders and directors of the Victory Christian Center Missions base in Tirane, Albania. We began a church and Bible school in the capital city of Tirane. Since then we have started 3 other churches in Albania.

In March of 1997 all foreigners and missionaries were evacuated from Albania due to very strong civil uprisings here. When the missionaries from some of the other organizations left, the leadership left as well as their ministry finances! This was devastating to many of the churches in Albania. Our Church, however was the only church in Tirane that did not cancel services during these several dark months of unrest. Why?
1) We had trained leadership in place already
2) We had a debt free building. Praise the Lord!

I believe that these two simple points are key for the long term effectiveness of missions bases. We turned the ministry completely to the Albanian leaders in 1999. Their ministry continues to thrive in this poor country. Praise the Lord. My wife and I now travel to Bible schools around the world teaching in Bible schools and training nationals and missionaries how to be a success on the field.

8/94 - 12/94 Victory World Missions Training Center A world renowned, world class missions training school to train, equip and prepare men and women to be effective ministers of the Gospel in foreign lands. Graduated together/ 4.0 GPA 8/88 - 5/89 Victory Bible Institute Accredited nine month Bible school teaching practical Biblical foundations and basic doctrine. Graduated together/ 4.0 GPA 1982 - 1985 Oklahoma State University Majoring in Electronics Engineering Technology.

E-Dot's Transport Room Happy is the person who knows that they are blessed to be a BLESSING!

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

We believe God hears us when we pray (1 John 5:14)
We believe there is power in the prayer of agreement (Matt. 18:19)
We believe that there is no distance in prayer

We ask that you would pray for us ...
That we would know Jesus more intimately
That we would declare the gospel more boldly as we should
That we would remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
We would love for you to contact us with your prayer request by clicking

call/fax us in Albania at +355-42-38-224 or call/fax 918-808-9740 in the USA.

E-Dot's Transport Room
Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Mark's Poetry Room

I wrote the following poem on February 4th, 1998 as I was preparing to speak to the Victory World Missions Training Center (VWMTC) students. I changed some of the original words as they applied only to the students at that time.

Nation Shakers

God is raising up an army and calling them out.
They are equipted for battle and ready to shout!
They possess a revelation void of all doubt and fear,
For they know Jehovah Nissi, their victory is here.

All things are possible, for in Him they believe.
They hear His voice and they are not deceived.
Walking in the Word, they fulfill not carnal desire,
For they are full of His Spirit and consumed by His fire!

They joy of the Lord is their strength in this hour.
It's the Spirit of God! not their might nor their power.
Redeemed by the Blood and commissioned to tell
Compelled by His love, they are plundering hell

God has given them the land as they march to take hold.
Clothed with His armor they are incredibly bold.
They cannot be defeated and certainly will not fail,
For they fight relentlessly and let His truth prevail.

There's no mountain too high or valley so low
that these mighty graduates are not willing to go.
So watch and pray as this army marches to win.
Lost souls without Jesus are coming in!
Mark G. Fritts 1998

In 1989 I received the call of God to missions. A few years later in 1994 I was going though a very difficult time in my life. I struggled with the question, Why am I a missionary? God gave me this poem as my answer. Today the missionary call is a settled issue with me

The Missionaries Answer

King Jesus is coming, the time is at hand
Sure signs of His arrival are all through the land
The trumpet is at His lips and ready to sound
Only the redeemed will be leaving the ground

With darkness increasing and gross sin all around
God said it was then that hi grace would abound
Oh Lord of the harvest send forth laborers right now,
With the light of the Gospel and that Holy Ghost plow.

The hour is so late both you and I know
Filled with His Spirit we have the power to go
Send us to proclaim while we still have today
To those who will listen, Jesus is the only way

Mighty signs will follow just as it says in Your Word
Salvation and healing for all who believe what they've heard.
Demons can't stop us for we have already won
We cast them out in the name of God's Son

Eternity will reflect the decisions we have made
The cross we have carried and the price we have paid
But oh what great joy up in heaven to bring
Those who've received life to our Savior and King!

How do I know that He has called me to go?

There was a time when I too was lost
I didn't know about Jesus and the cross
I am forever grateful he sent someone to tell me
That's the reason why I'm a mission-ar-y!
Mark G. Fritts 1994

God IS my source

God is my source
His Word I believe
My giving sets the course
for His blessing to recieve
Mark Fritts 1998

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"New Covenant News" Room

"New Covenant News" letter (NCN) is an exciting, informative and inspirational newsletter written monthly by Mark and Peggy Fritts, missionaries to Albania. There is absolutely no supsciption price. All costs are paid by NCN partners and friends.

Will you pray for us?
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We are no longer able to accept online donations but would love for you to contact us about supporting us monthly or possibly a one time gift for one of our projects.
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E-Dot's Transport Room
"God is my source, His Word I believe, My giving sets the course for His blessing to recieve... I borrowed that one from Mark' Poems!

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