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House of David & Friends

409 GrandView Drive, • Fleetwood, PA 19522 • United States • 610-944-0939/see/charmin/CM00934

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Ministry Vision and Mission

House of David & Friends, ministry is a pioneering mission with the Vision of establishing a Revival Center in the Greater Philadelphia Area. With the Following objectives:

1)Establish a Renewal/Revival Epicenter in the Greater Philadelphia Area. That will facilitate and seize the Fresh Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and channel and orchestrate a central location where both front doors as it were, will be kept open and remain open to welcome the various ministries that are flowing in the Renewal. Can come and share the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that they have received. To the end whereby the Ministry of the Holy Spirit can flow freely throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region.

2)Establish a foundation in the Greater Philadelphia Region, and so use the Epicenter of Renewal/Revival to Impact the entire North Eastern Corridor of the U.S. From NYC to Washington D.C. and thereby facilitate the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to Invade the NE part of the Country with a visitation of God that has been unprecedented in some 100 Yrs.

3)Establish an environment of Reconciliation where walls of division have separated the Body of Christ, can be broken down and allow the Glory of God to be revealed in the Unity of His Body. With special attention given to Jewish Believers being accepted and affirmed in the Greater Body of Messiah and thereby give living testimony to the Fact that Jesus broke down the wall of partition, between Jew and Gentile And thereby attest to what Unity/Testimony the Lord is bringing to pass. In these last Days with the Nation and People of Israel, and thereby agreeing in word and deed that Our God is One God even the God of Israel, to both Jew & Gentile alike.

4)Establish a Prayer/Intercession Stronghold that will serve the purpose of continuously discerning the Will of God, as Watchmen on the Watch Tower So as to have an Impact that will sustain the Outpouring of His Holy Spirit. In Addition remain focused on the Spiritual Battle that rages in the Heavenlies, and thereby have our efforts be Spiritually discerned and perpetuated to the End of God's Will being done and so guard ourselves from the Glory of man to the preeminence of The Glory of God being accomplished.

5)Establish an atmosphere where the full five-fold ministry can be not only acknowledged but encouraged. To Include the Office of Prophet and Apostle as well as Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher. So as to appropriate all of the Spiritual Framework that the Lord has ordained for the upbuilding of His Body.

We here @ House of David & Friends Welcome..You..

We welcome your prayer and intercession and any other support that you may sense in contributing into this new Work...We are presently considering positions for Cell Group Leaders/Worship Leaders/and other Leadership opportunities...Please feel free to call/Write/Email: Ph# 610-944-0939 / 409 GrandView Drive - Fleetwood, PA 19522 /"" And Ask for Bob.

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