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Tertiary Ministry

Church of Our Saviour, • 130 Margaret Drive, • Singapore 149300 • 65-2782210/see/charmin/CM00927

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The Church & Tertiary Ministry's Vision

To build a great network of Christ-centered Spirit-filled communities meeting human needs God's way throughout Singapore and beyond. The Tertiary Ministry is established as a part of the body of Christ for the purpose of ensuring that love,care and concern for every member in this ministry is imparted through its cell and corporate meetings, outings and fellowships. Each and every member will come to realise his or her position, authority and responsibilites in Christ, to foster unity in the cell communities of this ministry.

Tertiary Ministry's Objectives and Campus Cells

In order to fulfill the Church's Vision, the Tertiary Ministry's cell communities must be effective in the following areas: 1) To be Christ-centred and Spirit-filled 2) Cells to integrate into the Body of Christ 3) Meeting human needs God's way; adopting missionaries, praying for our nation, witnessing in our homes, campus, places of work and community at large through love, care and concern. 4) Supporting the Church's involvement in social projects to meet the needs of the under-privileged. The Tertiary Ministry comprises of various cells reaching out to all students in Singapore as well as young working adults. Currently, we have four cells, namely NUS Cell, NTU cell, Shalom Cell(for poly students, working adults) and JC/NS cell (for junior colleges students and those serving National Service). For details on the ministry's meetings and activities, please contact Wei Chye at 4727401/95994342(pg). To know more about our cell meetings, feel free to call up the following for more information. Kian Thiam (NUS Cell) 2788308/93177159 (pg), Keng Keong (NTU Cell) 7918194/95574486 (pg), Choon Meng (Shalom Cell) 2938498/2776460 (pg), Siew Yee (JC/NS Cell) 4404307/92651084 (pg)

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