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Durell Smith Music Ministries

P.O. Box 10125, • Fairbanks, AK 99710 • United States • (907)490-2650

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Preaching Christ in Song

When I was called by God to the Music Ministry in 1995 I had no working knowledge of music. Over the years since high school, I had forgotten everything I'd been taught. Within six months I was playing guitar and keyboard...and in late 1995 I wrote my first song while siting in church praying. Over the last two years, the talents that our Lord has given me has not only astounded me, but everyone who knows me. The more I surrender to HIM, the more He gives to me. Now, seventy-five songs later and much more professional on guitar...I travel the country, at my own expence, preaching the love of Christ in music. Audition tapes and a short biography are available to anyone and are provided at my expence upon request. I look forward to sharing what Christ has done in me with anyone. Look for my first CD release coming soon: "The Mender of Broken Hearts".

Concert Schedule

Visit my HomePage at: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ I will be at the Harper Road Christian Church, Corinth, Mississippi in September and I'll post the actual date in a few days along with other engagments. I would love to visit your church. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ "SING TO HIM A NEW SONG; PLAY SKILLFULLY WITH A SHOUT OF JOY" PSALM 33:3

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