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CBI - Christian Business Institute

Suite 101 - 14925 - 100th Avenue, • Surrey, BC V3R 1J6 • Canada • 604 - 930-8301

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The Vision

CBI - Christian Business Institute is a three-fold ministry designed to reach:
1. Christian Youth, 2. The Christian Business Community, and 3. the Secular Business Community.
CBI believes the time has come to make a stand in our communities. A "Wake-Up" call is being
given to Christian professionals, heeding us to be mindful of who we represent.
To remember that Accountability, Responsibility and Ethical Behavoir are codes of conduct
that we as Christians are called to live by in our personal and professional lives.
CBI endeavors to meet this challenge by: 1. equipping the student in Biblical and business
principles, ensuring that each has a solid foundation on which to stand, and
2. placing them in the Christian Business Community, providing them the opportunity to work out
and exercise the principles learned in a supportive, nurturing environment. It is the aim
of CBI that the challenge will then be picked up by these older, more experienced adults
as they are called upon to be living examples. Finally, it is the goal of CBI that once the student
and the professional are exercising their faith and Christian principles in the workplace,
that the secular community will sit up and take notice. The Word instructs us
"to go into all the world and preach the gospel". We are called to preach Jesus Christ.
At CBI, we believe the best way to do this, is to model our behavior after Him.

The Program

Youth Pro - MASTERS PLAN is Christian Business Institute's Annual youth program.
Situated on the beautiful, scenic campus of Trinity Western University, students participate
in an exciting week full of dynamic speakers, inspiring worship and exceptional workshops.
Offering two dates, for both secondary and post-secondary students, the program teaching
Excellence & Integrity, is designed for the Young Christian Professional.
At CBI, we believe youth can set the world on fire. With Youth Pro - MASTERS PLAN we provide you with training to do so.
for further information or to request a program brochure, please contact:

Christian Business Institute, Suite #101 - 14925 - 100th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. CANADA, V3R 1J6
or contact us at the e-mail address.

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