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Morning Workshops

Theme:Working Together Ad Moving In The Same Direction ! Workshop Themes Doing The right Thing The Right Way.

WORKSHOP#1-OVERCOMING PRIDE-- Facilitator-Mother Alice Gray Text:Rom.12:3-4 There should be no Schism in the body, but that members shall have the same care for one another and if one suffers, all members suffer with it. l Cor. 12:25-27 1. What is Schism ? A. The tool used to divide or separate the body of Christ. 11. What is a body ? A distinct goup of people or things working together in unity for the common good. 111. What is pride ? The tool used by the believer to destroy the body of Christ. 1V. What is Humility ? The tool used to overcome Pride. ! WORKSHOP#2-HOW TO AVOID BECOMING A LUKEWARM CHURCH ? Scripture Texts: Rev. 2:14; Rev. 3:14-16 Facilitator: Bishop Carl Ellis, Sr. The Reason Why God Rejects His People We must be extremely careful with whom we develop fellowship with. God does not accept or agree with everything we do. What should be done to avoid becoming a lukewarm Church ? Romans 12:11 Romans 8:26-27 The Church obedience to the Word of God is the thermostat by which we remain Hot in the Spirit. You can have service every night, but fail to agree with God's Word. WORKSHOP#3-EVERY MEMBER IS NEEDED IN THE BODY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST Facilitator:S.F. Parrott,D.Min. FACILITATOR "if the foot says, I am not a part of the body because I am not a hand, that person does not make it less than any less part of the body. And if the ear says,I am not part of the body because I am an ear and not an eye, would that make it less part of the body ? Supposed the whole body were just one big ear, how could you smell anything ? But God made our bodies with many parts, and he has put each part just where he wants it. What a strange thing a body would be if it had only one part !(l Cor. 12:15-19 -New Living Translation ?


A. We are diverse(Everyone is different, no one is the same, make mebers feel wanted.

B. Never show bias towards anyone(Don't play favorites),You will ruin your church. C. Respect and honor members not not in the so-called "Vital positions"("Make it members feel important). D. When one members suffers, we all can suffer with them (Ministry of Helps Is Needed).

Afternoon Workshops

WORKSHOP#5 Subject:The Christian Life Style- Faciliatator:Mother Gail Brown Col.2:5-10:" (6)As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord walk in him, (7)Rooted and built up in him established in the faith as you as you have been taught abounding therein with thanksgiving." Call To Godliness 11 Peter 1:3-7 Spiritual Qualities of a Good Christian 1. Obedient 1 Peter 1:14 2. Humble James 4:10 3. Patient Isaiah 40:31; Luke 21:19; 11 Tim.2:24 4. Not a busy body l Peter 4:15 5. Forgiving Col. 3:13 6. Supportive of a Pastor Hebrews 13:17 7. Knowledge of the word 11 Tim. 3:16-17 8. Dresses As Becometh Holiness 9. Praying in the Spirit 1 Thess. 5:17 10. Willing to Suffer 11. Cor. 12:10 Spiritual News Love Deut. 6:5 Christian Amour Eph. 6:15 Overcome Rebellion Heb. 13:17 Healing James 5:14 Stop Offending Others James 3:2-12 Power Acts 1:8 Fruit Of The Spirit Galatians 5:22 Share with the Hungry Isaiah 58:6-12 Gifts Of the Spirit l Cor. 12:8-10 WORKSHOP#5 Subject:Being An Overcomer Facilitator:Elder G. Beals By the very fact of saying we an overcomer suggests to me that there is/was something or there are things we must overcome. The Christian life is warfare against sin, Satan, the world and the flesh. It is not enough that we engage in this warfare, but we must fight until we gain the victory or until the end. 1. The first thing we become overcomers in, is sin! We do this by first coming to God.! Exercising our faith in God.Heb. 11:6 After coming we must accept him to be the point of receiving him. Ephesians 2:1-10 Verse #1 And you hath he quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins. The word quickened is the same as made alive. Verse #8 You are saved through faith. But it is by God's grace for it is God's grace that justifies you. Romans 8:30 God justifies us in that he declared us righteous by our faith in him. So it is here we have the victory or that we overcome sin. l John 5:18 2. The next victory that is to be gained, or our next point in becoming an overcomer is our victory over Satan! Yes!!! We have victory over him(Satan)! 1 John 3:24 Having the spirit of god on the inside makes all the difference. 1 John 4:6 Spirit of Truth-God Soirit of Error-Satan 3. Victory over the World Victory over corruption that is in the world through lust. Romans 6:12-13 Mortal Flesh Lust: A strong desire of any kind, does not always carry with it a bad connection, only wheb it is inconsistent qith the will of God. James 1:15 and 1 John 2:15-17. We are promised and guanteed to overcomers if we hold on to the word of God. 1 John 5:4 And with the victory goes the spoils: Rev. 2:7 Rev. 2:13 Rev. 2:26 Rev. 3:5 Rev. 3:12 Rev. 3:21 Rev. 21:7 THESE ARE THE PROMISES GOD PROMISED TO THE CHURCH! WE ARE THE CHURCH!!! WORKSHOP#6 Subject:Jesus Is The center of All Things Facilatator: Dec. James Smith,Ed.D. Introduction: "Jesus, You Are The Center Of My Joy. All That Perfect Come From You". CENTER:THE MIDDLE POINT, A PIVOT, THE SOURCE OF AN INFLUENCE, A PRINCIPLE POINT, PLACE, OR OBJECT. THE NAME: THE NAME JESUS, ANNOUNCED BY THE ANGEL AS THAT DIVINELY SLECTED FOR MARY'S SON(MATT.1:21;LUKE 1:31- 33), SIGNIFIES THE LORD IS SALVATION. THE WORD CHRIST(THE ANOITED ONE) IS ESSENTIALLY TITLE BORNE BY JESUS AS THE MESSIAH(JOHN 1:41)AND AS THE LIVING GOD(MATT.16:16). SCRIPTURE TO STUDY:,MATT, LUKE,JOHN,ACTS,ROMANS,EPH.,PHIL.,TIM,(BOTH BOOKS). COR,HEB.,JAMES,PETER(BOTH),1 JOHN, JUDE,REV. JESUS IS THE CENTER OF ALL THINGS BECAUSE HE IS: LORD JESUS, SON OF GOD, SON OF MAN,EMMANUEL,SAVIOUR, THE WORD, THE LAMB OF GOD, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEUSNESS, THE MEDIATOR,THE LORD OF ALL, THE LORD OF GLORY, KING OF KINGS, PROPHET, PRIEST,ALPHA AND OMEGA- (Rev.21:6;22:13) JESUS IS THE CENTER OF ALL THINGS BECAUSE HE CAME.................. 1. That we might have life and have it more abundantly(John 10:10). 2. To destroy the works of the devil(1 John 3:8). 3. To take away the sin of the world(John 1:29). 4. To bring us to God(l Pet.3:18). 5. Teaching,preaching and healing(Matt. 4:23,24). 6. To deliver from the power of darkness(Col. 1:12,13). 7. To be our example(l Peter 2:21). 8. To make a new covenant with(Matt.26). 9. To get us into God;s family(John 1:12). 10.To make us free(John 8:31-36). 11.To bless us(Acts 3:26). 12.To declare the Father(John 1:18). 13.To bring righteousness,peace,and joy(Rom.14;17). 14.To do the will of his father(John 4:34). 15.To keep us from being lost(John 3:16). 16.To save the world(John 3:17). 17.To preach the Kingdom of God(Luke 4:43). 18.To be a ransom for our life(ll Tim. 2:3-6). 19.To bear our sins and make us righteous(l Peter 2:24). 20.To reveal God's Love(Rom.5:8). 21.To preach good news to the poor(Luke 4:18-19). 22.To heal the broken Hearted(Luke 4:18,19). 23.To preach deliverance to the captives(Luke 4:18,19). 24.To bring sight to the blind(Luke 4:18,19). 25.To set at liberty those who are bruised(Luke 4:18-19). 26.To give us the bread of life(John 6:35). 27.To raise us up at the last Day(John 6:39). 28.To save sinners(l Tim. 1:5). 29.To deliver us from the wrath to come(l Thess.1:10). 30.That we might know God(John 17:3).

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