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St. Peter of Cetinje Orthodox Missionary Brotherhood

St. Gregory Nazianzen Institute for Eastern Christian Studies, 789 Calle Jaime Drew • San Juan, Puerto Rico 00923 • United States • 1 (787) 640-5461 • Orthodox

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St. Peter of Cetinje—Metropolitan of Montenegro

St. Peter of Cetinje was born on 1 April 1749, in the village of Njegus[h]i, and became a monk at the age of twelve. In 1782, he became both Metropolitan and ruler of Montenegro. This holy man devoted his whole life to his people. Within Montenegro, he worked with his all strength to pacify the warring clans and established the first Montenegrin Code of Law. Externally he tirelessly defended Montenegro and its people against the plundering onslaughts of enemies. The semi-autonomous region of Brda [i.e., the Highlands], whose inhabitants supported him in his struggles, was finally incorporated into Montenegro during his life-time. St. Peter was strict with himself and just and humble towards others. He lived a life of prayer in one tiny cell as a simple monk, although he was the ruler of a country. With his steadfast faith, love, patience, purity, meekness, and good works, he was able to pacify a stubborn and unruly people, who had hitherto refused to submit even to the mightiest powers on earth. He entered into rest on 18 October 1830, at the age of 81. His myrrh-streaming relics are preserved incorrupt in the monastery of Cetinje. The Lord glorified him both in heaven and on earth as His true and faithful servant.


O great Saint and wonderworker of God, Peter, equal to the Apostles and preacher of the Gospel of Christ, shepherd of His reason-endowed sheep, and pillar of the Orthodox Church, guileless leader, teacher and enlightener, greatly beloved of God, receive, in your merciful compassion, us sinners who pray to you and run to your powerful protection and patronage.

We beseech you to intercede on our behalf, with the all-merciful Christ who loves mankind, our only God and Savior, that He may not remember our trespasses and sins, but have mercy according to His great mercy; that He grant us spiritual and bodily health, love, peace and concord, and every good thing necessary for eternal life and salvation; that He renew in our hearts the immortal light of true piety, so that everything we do, we may do to the glory of our Creator, Savior, and God.

O great Saint and beloved of Christ, wonderworker of Cetinje, shepherd and intercessor of all the Orthodox people, through your prayers and by the heavenly grace of the Holy Spirit preserve your God-granted flock and all cities, villages and Christian countries, from famine, death, earthquake, flood, fire, the sword, foreign invasions, civil war, hate and evil; protect us from every injustice, deceit and lies, from godlessness, heathenism, heresy and schism; beseech from Christ God repentance both for individuals and all peoples, for we are your kindred both in body and soul.

O great and heavenly God, Alpha and Omega of all that exists, the author and finisher of our faith, life and being, receive the prayers of your holy and beloved bishop, who prays for us sinners, your unworthy servants. Although we have sinned immeasurably, yet we forsake You not, our only living and true God and Savior, to whom be from even us, as from all of creation all glory, honor, and worship: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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