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Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.

P.O. Box 1981, 917 West Market St. Warren, Ohio 44485 • Warren, OH 44482 • United States • (330) 373-1210 • Baptist

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Purpose Statement

We at the Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. believe that whenever God calls a church into existence that it must have a purpose for its existence. For no church is called forth by God without a defined purpose. Now that does not mean that the church that is called forth by God will always understand the experiences that its body will encounter, nor does it mean that the church will always know where it is journeying in its existence, but it must have purpose. A church should not be driven by personalities, the pastor, traditions, functions, ect. The church should be driven by The Power of God's Spirit and purpose. We at the GHMBC offer this to you.

Why we exist

1. To introduce persons to the Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ.

2.To help The Body of Christ to Mature in The Faith.

3.To help persons in The Body of Christ discover what their ministy is.

4.To instruct The Body of Christ in the principles of true evangelism.

5.To give God the glory for the fruits of our work.

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship Experience

10:00am Sundays

Evening Worship Experience

5:30pm Wednesdays

Our Staff

Dr. A.T. Wade

Senior Pastor •

Dr. James Hunter-Thompson

Pastorial Counselor •

Reverend Marcial Davis

Assistant to the Senior Pastor •

Evangelist Cynthia Wade

Praise and Worship Team Leader •

Allan Wade Jr.

Minister of Music •