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Full Gospel Universal Christian Fellowship Church

3870 Crenshaw Boulevard, Suite 367 • Los Angeles, CA 90008 • United States • (323) - 296-1084 • Other

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CHURCH HISTORY: The Rev. Travis H. Smith Sr., after leaving the C.M.E. Church where he pastored for many years, Founded The First Church of Deliverance, Located in Los Angeles, California. Rev. Smith received the vision to organize a church where other minisers and congragations, who left their former Denominations for what ever reasons, or who were never a part of any denomination, might have a continued fellowship with other belivers of the Christian faith.
The Full Gospel Free Methodist Church was formed in 1996. Rev.Travis H. Smith Became the First Bishop. In 1997 three more ministers became Bishops; Rev. Anthony Williams, of Charlotte, North Carolina, who served first as an Apostel under Bishop Smith; Rev. Austin L. Harrold, of Jersey City, New Jersey; and Rev. Michael Barker, of Tempe, Arizona. In the year of 1998 Rev. Mrs. Bernice Sterling, of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, became the fifth Bishop.
After a days meeting and praying, in Birmingham, Alabama on June 29, 1998, the name was changed to the Full Gospel Universal Christian Fellowship Church.
Many hopes and dreams are being shared by these five Bishops for the success of this new church And by the power of God, through Christ, they know all things are possible.

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Ministers and Spouse Conf.


Holy Spirit Convocation 1999

August 2, 3, & 4th

Our Staff

Travis H. Smith Sr.

Sr.Bishop, Third Jurisdiction • BishopTHSmithSr@WEBTV.NET

Anthony Williams

Bishop, First Jusidiction • ApostleTony@MSN.Com

Austin L. Harrold

Bishop, Second Jurisdiction •

Michael L. Barker

Bishop, Fourth Jurisdiction • FGFMF@USA.NET

Bernice Sterling

Bishop Fifth Jurisdiction •