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Independent Anglican Episcopal Church Europe


+Most Rev.Peter Leers,DD,LLD - TIFPEC

TIFPEC brings the Word of God to millions of people, in every country in the world.

+May the grace and peace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit rest and abide upon you now and for evermore. +Horst-Karl,Xth Bishop Primus Block,DD,LLD,PhD,AED,(LBR)MCoT,Lond. - TIFPEC

To us the essence of Anglican Christianity is that, within the guidelines of scripture, tradition, and reason, we can agree to disagree but come to the same Table -- even if on different sides. We cleave to the middle way, in which we each have whatever level of personal relationship with God we are comfortable with, relying on corporate worship to keep us centred within the boundaries of love. Church Ministers must remain free and unrestrained either in conscience, intelligence, or feelings, because they represent diversity in Unity. I'm trying to identify ideas that are true and valuable, and to separate them from misconceptions. The Christian faith isn't about you or me or that power-seeking bishop over there. It's about Christ. To be an Anglican is to be on a journey of faith to God supported by a fellowship of co-believers who are dedicated to finding Him by prayer and service. I see a bishop as a leader, servant, president, teacher, pastor, administrator and symbol of unity.

Working with other faiths and traditions

Ecumenism is about Christians around the world working together locally, nationally and internationally as part of a global Christian movement. The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church (TIFPEC) is committed to developing and strengthening its ecumencial relations around the world and it does this through the work of its
St. Andrew's Ecumenical Church Foundation.

TIFPEC is a church a multi-racial fellowship of ever Ethnic, Educational, and Economical diversity. We believe that the scripture is being fulfilled that says they shall know that you are my disciples by the love you have one for another.

The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church is an independent church in the evangelical anglican tradition.
Anglicanism, one of the largest associations of Christian churches in the world, has its heritage in the Church of England.
Features of this heritage include being:
biblical it holds to the unique authority of the Bible
creedal it upholds the teachings of the classic Christian creeds
confessional it subscribes to The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Anglican Church
liturgical it uses forms of service that are consistent with the teaching and practice of The Book of Common Prayer.

+Our Mission: To Grow in Christ's Love through worship, education and service. + "mercy and faithfulness will meet; justice and peace will embrace; truth will spring up from the earth and justice will look down from heaven" (Ps 85:10-11). +

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TIFPEC is dedicated to helping Liberia rebuild its institutions, educate its children and improve the quality of life for all who live there, as we did in 1965.

This web site is for the Anglican (Episcopal) Church around the world. Its purpose is to help us Anglicans and Episcopalians communicate with each other more easily, and to help everyone learn about our church.The serious growth of our Communion and the increased number of bishops make this a challenging project in our attempts to enable the ministry of global prayer and support.`We are not a mission but a church with a mission.'Our goal at The International Free Protestant Episcopal University is to provide fellowship, support and training to those who feel a call to herald the message of Christ, crucified and risen from the dead. Our calling has been foreordained to use the Internet as a tool to reach many nations and help raise up ministries in those nations."We join in a holy brotherhood and with the help of God, will fight the evils of the world". Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a "net" cast into the sea, bringing forth a great catch of fish.

Your constructive comments are welcome as always and can be sent to:
+Horst-Karl,Xth Bishop Primus Block - TIFPEC
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. TIFPEC believes everyone should enjoy the freedom to proclaim the Word of God as imparted to them by the Holy Spirit. A liberal Christian freedom has to be understood in four regards: (1) freedom from doctrinal fixations; (2) freedom to accept biblical tradition on the line of the spirit; (3) freedom of conscience, religious liberty: and (4) "freedom to encounter people of other faiths in the desire of learning and without anxiety; with the purpose to get familiar with each other and to understand each other; in the mutual attitude of openness to the unconditional ground of truth". The Church is governed by an Episcopate who, along with a non stipend clergy are not bound by vows of celibacy. "The relationship between the archbishops of Northern and South America, Africa and Europe has traditionally been important. I hope that together we may develop a creative and collaborative partnership in the service of the whole church and for the fulfilment of the ministry and mission entrusted to us all."

Parish Growth Worldwide...We Need You!

first among equals in the free protestant episcopal church

The 1870 Constitution and Canons of the Church of Ireland were adopted in 1897 for use in the new FPEC .
We have Church branches and missionaries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We have ongoing plans to establish further ministries and branches in other nations. Consequently, we welcome pastors and churches that wish to establish or become a branch of The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church and University 1897, regardless from which country you are. Several churches worldwide mention our first Bishop Primus Checkemian, and the eight Bishop Primus Boltwood in their apostolic succession, but they lack religious and diplomatic courtesies to extend some cordial greetings to the Xth Bishop Primus of THE INTERNATIONAL FREE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH.

If you are interested in the work of the FPEC, please contact:

The Bishop Primus Dr Horst-Karl Block at the above address or by e-Mail

Freewill non tax deductible contributions are always appreciated for Africa and Asia.

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Diocese Germany

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Fr TIFPEC Deutschland, Gemeinde St.Benedikt zu den Engeln, Most Rev. Dr Peter Leers

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The Presiding Bishop's, Missionary Head's and Ambassador's TIFPEC are entitled to all Courtesy from both State and Civil.

Homage to the Rt.Rev. James Martin,DD, LLD, who introduced in England in 1873, The Nazarene Ecclesia.
He named his Seminary in 1890, The Nazarene College granted by ROYAL CHARTER


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L'glise piscopale Protestante Libre Internationale

UNICEF, Kinderhilfswerk der Vereinten Nationen
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L'glise piscopale Protestante Libre Internationale

Please notify the Bishop Primus of any corrections and possible additions!

'He who joined earth and heaven into one' will bring together our fragile Christian world, if only for a short time. What binds us will indeed seem far more than that which separates and divides us'.

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Dismissed Clergy
The Governing Board of The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church has concluded an investigation of the conduct of church members. It has been determined that the conduct of this members ( they know each other ) is deemed to be harmful to the well being of our Church and other Church members, the Church's ministries and the Church's public testimony and reputation.
Whether the laxity of the time helps men toward the extreme [of] pseudo-ecclesiasticism or the extreme of unionistic sectarianism.
This members are hereby expelled from the membership of The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church and all rights and privileges of their membership in this church are revoked effective.
+Horst-Karl, Xth BP, TIFPEC
We also appreciate any and all feedback, positive and negative, so please write when you have a chance. We would be happy to print your letter in a Correspondence column. Our goal is to produce a publication that is informative and blesses all. Contact and contribution information is given by TIFPEC
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and The Ecumenical Church Foundation

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