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Holy Cross Church of God in Christ, INC

25 Flinthill Drive, • Newark, DE 19702- • United States • 302 266-7450 • COGIC

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Entering into a Contract with God!

At Last...this ministry has begun.
As the pastor and founder of Holy Cross Christian Ministries, I am proud and pleased to announce that Holy Cross Christian Ministries, an off-shoot of the formerly (Holy Cross Church of God in Christ) has started.
As I embark on this new and exciting venture, I am asking for your prayers and thoughts as this new ministry is begun in the New Castle County area of Delaware. From time to time, I am hoping to dialogue with many of my friends that I have met on the "net" and hopefully have them come to visit. Please continue to check this page out and see what we are doing and what events are being sponsored.
I look forward to seeing you, and please, don't forget to visit our sign-in page at

In today's world, while men hearts are failing them for fear, and confusion reigns, even in our children, I am encouraged to report that we are still holding on to God's unchanging hand. We have now been in existence for a year, and I must say that I am delighted with the way God has dealt with us. I hope you will continue to pray for us and will one day be able to come by and visit. God bless and keep you till we are together. PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN!

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9:00 A.M.

Wednesday Evenings 7:30 P.M.

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Thursday Nights 8:00 P.M.

Worldwide prayer

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Dr. David D. Corbett, Sr.

Pastor/President •

Ms. Sheila Corbett

Ms. Valerie Emmanuel

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Ms. Lakisha Smith

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