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St Columba Western Rite Orthodox Church

(corner of Truck Inn Way & Mission Way), PO Box 1661 - 1320 Mission Way • Fernley, Nevada 89408 • United States • 775 835-6915 • Orthodox

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St. Columba Orthodox Church is a canonical parish.  The Western-Rite of the Orthodox Church is a response to requests to re-establish the Western Church as it existed prior to AD 1054 and is helping preserve the western liturgy with the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

In 1996 Saint Columba's had constructed a small building and began using it as a church building; the interior includes reminders of the cloud of witnesses by which we are surrounded. In 2016 the entire parish completed a journey from protestant (Episcopal) Anglicanism to catholic Western Rite Orthodoxy.


Those who could escape from communist Russia in the 1920s did so. Most sought refuge in European countries, and, like many other refugees some came to America and applied for citizenship here.

While the communists did as they pleased with the church buildings, and the lives and the deaths of those still in Russia (as well as the assassination of the Tsar and his entire family), the refugees in America did what they do well: They worshiped our Lord, Jesus Christ as Christians have been doing since AD 33.

It was not a matter of waiting; it was a matter of a new life, a new hope and a new nation: the United States. The “Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia” (ROCOR) adopted the English Language and prayed.

When the Soviet Union finally collapsed in 1991, the Church in America waited for over a decade before re-establishing Communion with the revitalized Russian Church in Moscow, and also continued independent governance as an American Church.

The service of Divine Liturgy is continued in the United States in Church Slavonic for those who wish and mostly in English.

Saint Columba Parish in Fernley offers worship services in English as authorized by the Russian synod several years prior to the Russian communist rebellion in the early years for the 20th Century.

There are now over 300,000,000 members of the Orthodox churches worldwide (Greece, Russia, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, and in essence churches springing up in countries after the defeat of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) in the 15th Century).

The Orthodox parish in Fernley uses an English Liturgy developed by Pope Saint Gregory the Great after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Saint Columba parish offers the Divine Liturgy   (Mass) each Sunday morning at 10:00 o'clock.

You won’t find anything new at Saint Columba's  No new theology... no politically correct electric worship. Music is provided by the congregation a capella. You will find a group of Christians entrusting themselves to the person and teaching of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Orthodoxy, since the early centuries of Christianity. Our purpose here on earth is to work toward becoming more like Christ and helping others to do the same. We are a hospital for sinners and a parish committed to living our life for God in this world and in the next.

The church building is at 1320 Mission Way, just north of I-80 Exit 48 in Fernley, Nevada (corner of Truck inn Way and Mission way). The building is small, and there is plenty of parking.


Saint Columba’s is a parish in the English and Celtic tradition. American English with a familiar "King James" lilt Is the language of worship. We are Orthodox in Faith and approved Western in practice You are welcome to visit us Sunday at 10:00 AM. We are open to members of the Orthodoc Communion of Churches and to those who wish to belong as members of the Church. Those wishing to beome Catechumens are welocome.

Evening Prayer (Vespers) is Wednesday at 7:00 PM where you can pray like a Christian Monk (for 28 minutes). No guitars, no altar call, no "offering".... Just the sound of men at prayer.

Holy Day and weekday Services are as announced.


“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8).

 “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers” (Acts).


The Orthodox Communion of Churches is an original and remains essentially unchanged since the early centuries of Christendom and is concerned with the direction of our nation. We note that our nation’s laws differ from the Church in definitions of Marriage, Divorce, Birth Control, and  the truth that parents are the primary teachers in the family. Our obligation is to recognize and acknowledge publicaly and privately that Christ is King, and that all freedoms are actually gifts to us from Him. We acknowledge that freedom is not a license to break rules, but is the gift given to us that allows us to value God's rules.

Our parish also helps coordinate Home Schooling via "Classical Conversations".




Click HERE for mild irenic non-emotional statements by our parish priest or go to

If you use Facebook, you might note that we have delet our page as FB is not friendly to Christianity.




Abortion is fatal for the baby and harmful to the health of the mother.

Pregnant? Think you might be?

Locate a Pregnancy Center near you. There is a center in Reno, a center in Fernley and a center in Fallon. If you or someone you know is an unexpectedly expectant mother, the site provides a vital link to help for mother and baby.

If you live in Fernley EMBRACE GRACE FERNLEY can help you. They offer a structured program for pregnant women. The 12-week program is follwed with a baby shower and a process day. You can learn more by calling Amanda at 686-8650.

Please remember to pray and work to stop the legal slaughter of unborn babies in this country. No nation can survive the murder of over 60,000,000 of its children.

Speaking of children: You may want to take advantage of some quality Christian education at St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy in Reno.

Here its link

For HomeSchooling help and structure one can contact Amy Bauer at 775 835-6915

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