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The Order of Corporate Reunion

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That All May Be One -- Ut Omnes Unum Sint

In his book, Order Out of Chaos, the Founder of the Order, the Rev. Dr. Frederick George Lee wrote in 1881 that " the visible head of the One Christian the Bishop of the See of St. Peter." His motto became THAT ALL MAY BE ONE. The purpose of the OCR is the reconciliation of Anglicans and Roman Catholics. The OCR first served Anglicans who belonged to the Catholic party in the Church of England, but today's OCR is Ecumenical and Interdenominational. To obtain a copy of THE ORDER OF CORPORATE REUNION (ISBN 91 85734 04 7) by Dr. Bertil Persson, write to him at: Illerstigen 22, S-170 71, SOLNA, SWEDEN. Dr. Persson has also written books on the first American Provincial, Archbishop Brooks and on J.R. Vilatte as well. These are also available from him. Frederick George Lee,(1832-1902) was Rector of All Saints, Lambeth, and the Founder of the Order of Corporate Reunion. The Lee family descended from Caroline divines via the Non-jurors. The purpose of the OCR and its previous organization, the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom, was the reunification of the Holy Catholic Church of both the West and the East. This is the true and original Order of Corporate Reunion. A cordial WELCOME is given to those interested in fostering and praying for Christian Unity and you are invited to join the Order of Corporate Reunion. Contact the Universal Primate. A larger webpage can be found at Visit our Yahoo E-group:

The Order In the USA

In the USA the OCR joins in prayer with the Anglican Church Inc. and its various member dioceses, in the US, Africa, India and Latin America. In New York City the OCR supports morally and spiritually the people and clergy of the Anglican Church of St. John, Episcopal American Catholic in Manhattan. Sunday Mass is at 11 AM. We also support the Queens' Congregation of SS. Peter and Paul, 14th St. and 27th Ave., Astoria, NYC; Divine Worship, 3 PM, Sunday. The Universal Primate is Bishop Visitor for SS. Peter and Paul. For the location of places of worship in the Greater NY area please e-mail either: the Rt. Rev. Paget E. J. Mack, DMin, KCTm, OSBM at the above e-mail addresses or write Archbishop Brennan at the International Headquarters. Kindly remember to pray daily for Church Unity and to participate in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: January 18 to 25. "This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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