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NON-PROFIT JURISDICTION /Not Roman Catholic We are Orthodox Catholic. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OTHER HOME PAGE: This site was the first site of this jurisdiction set up on the Internet in 1997. We are not Roman Catholic nor are we anti-Roman Catholic. Site listed below: The following address if copied and pasted will send you to pictures and Icons of this church. PRIESTS SHOULD BE ORDAINED BY A TRUE BISHOPS, AND PRIESTS CONSECRATED BY 2 OR MORE BISHOPS APPROVED BY THE PATRIARCHAL SEE. REMEMBER:"THOU ART A PRIEST FOREVER"! Our Church is in the USA,and other places in the world,for we are growing, Thank God. Thank you. WE ARE A TRUE TRADITIONAL Christian Orthodox-Catholics Faith and a Independent Jurisdiction NOT Roman Catholic or their Byzantine Rite. We have an Eastern Rite and a Western Orthodox-Catholic Rite within this Jurisdiction. If you have questions, the others sites could answer them, other wise EMAIL at: we do NOT consecrate married men as a Bishop, this was stopped many years back. Exceptions as set up in the Church's Holy Canons about married Bishops or not. Females are not permitted to be in Priestly Holy Orders at this time. Children Age 0 to 18 are NOT permitted to serve at the Holy Altar as an Altar Boys or Girls. As was said before, we of The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. (Independent Jurisdiction) are NOT Roman Catholic,but Orthodox Catholic and we are Not ANTI-Roman Catholic either. NOTE: There have been requests to be Uniate,or Unity and/or Union with this jurisdiction. However, within this jurisdiction the word uniate,unity and/or union means some form of a request to submit to this jurisdiction. Any request to be uniate, unity, union, or to come under the protection of The Patriarchal See, must be requested by the Patriarch, Primate or head Bishop of that jurisdiction to the Patriarchal See of this Jurisdiction in writing, so that all the requirements are worked out to keep the peace. Some have asked about the Religious Orders we have in this Church they are listed herein: *The Order of St. Basil- for Bishop and above ONLY. *The Order of St. Jude-for Priest,Brothers,Sisters, and students for the Priesthood.(OSJ) *The Order Of The Cross-for legal and Security.(OC) NOTE***It is understood that any and all members must abide by the Holy Bible, Seven Ecumenical Councils (Canons), our Church Apostolic Disciplinary Canons, the Constitution of this Church, and the Law Of The Land as it is stated in our Disciplinary Canons of this jurisdiction. If a Religious Order they also must follow their Rule. WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE PATRIARCHAL SEE IS REQUIRED TO USE ANY SEALS, OUR FLAG OR INFORMATION OUT SIDE THIS CHURCH, THEY ARE INCORPORATED AND COPYRIGHTED. The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. (Independent Jurisdiction) was incorporated in 1964 as a non-profit jurisdiction and reformed in 1965. After mergers in 1974 and 1984,it was agreed to change the Incorporation name of the church to the name it has now. ***We are NOT a part of The Byzantine Catholic Church In America. WE OF THIS CHURCH WISH TO REMAIN FRIENDLY TO ALL OF GOD'S PEOPLE AND WE HOLD HONOR AND RESPECT FOR THE ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH, ALL OTHER PATRIARCHS, AND HIS HOLINESS THE POPE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE COPTIC ORTHODOX POPE. NOTE:*** IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CAN NOT WRITE US VIA E-MAIL, FEEL FREE TO WRITE US AT THE P.O. BOX ADDRESS ON THIS SITE OR CALL US ON THE PHONE (818-594-0662) WITH ANY QUESTIONS BEWEEN 9AM TO 5PM PST WEEKDAYS ONLY. We have grown strong and have many members worldwide. We will NOT ordain women to the priesthood. We have Religious Orders for Priests, Brothers and Sisters. We have Council of Metropolitans, a Curia and a Synod of Bishops to guide our Patriarch, Mar + Markus I/our Beloved Patriarch was elected in 1967. A Metropolitan General heads each nation; the Metropolitans are assigned under the Metropolitan General if there is one. We are Christians and know that Christ is the Son of God, and that without Him we are all lost. We seek members and vocations, for the United States, where we have very few at this time. We believe that LOVE for our fellow human beings in Christ is the answer, as Christ told us; love each other as Brothers and Sisters. The leaders of this Church are always open to talk about fellowship and friendship between Churches. If you have any questions regarding us or about the Priesthood, feel free to ask us, via E-mail, by Phone, or US mail. Our Priest are working Priests, in other words if they can set up a Parish to give them an income, otherwise they must have some other lawful income. NOTE: Our clergy are not paid clergy, as some of the other Clergy are. We are always in need of support, so if you wish to help us you may send your checks and money orders made out to The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. to the address above God will bless you for your help. All donations are, of course, tax deductible. Thank you for coming to this Web Page. Check the e-mail after the name at the top to send for more information. Of course we always have those who question our lines, and think their lines are the only true ones, but that not always true. PLEASE NOTE: "The Holy Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church,Inc." is NOT part of The Byzantine Catholic Church,Inc.(Independent Jurisdiction) Mar +Azarias was appointed by his own new Council as Exarch and Founder of "The Holy Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church,Inc." in 2005. Was Consecrated Bishop for The Byzantine Catholic Church (Independent Jurisdiction) on Oct.22,2002 by His Beatitude, Mar +Markus I, Patriarch. However,. Mar +Azarias left this Church in 2005,he Left to form his own Church to be more "Traditional" he said, than we are. God Bless, and Keep Love in Your Heart. In Christ, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Christopher,OC,+ Apostolic Chancellor ***Approved by the Patriarch,Mar +Markus I, the Curia, the Council of Metropolitans and the Synod of Bishops. 2/10/1997 The Patriarch other EMAIL: UNIATES: A Uniate Jurisdiction is one which has requested to submit to the Patriarch and to the protection of the Patriarchal See, and have all the rights that are given to any of the other Churches within The Byzantine Catholic Church (Independent Jurisdiction). Their clergy have the same authority as our clergy over others that may be assigned to them. The Uniate's may retain their own Church Corporation as it was before they became Uniate as long as it is a Orthodox and/or Catholic and obey the Holy Canons of the Church and the Civil Laws of the Land as per the Holy Canons, and are not required to make any changes. If they choose to make changes then we shall talk this over with them. Uniate's are a part of The Byzantine Catholic Church and this should not be questioned in any way what so ever. We are not Roman Catholic, eastern or western. To use any of the above, you must be Orthodox, Catholic, Old Catholic or Orthodox Catholic. Updated 1/11.08 NOTE: It is required for the Clergy and the People to tithe 10% as stated in the Holy Word and The Holy Canons of the Church, stating the clergy are to tithe to the Patriarchal See and the people to their Parish. Thank You and God Bless you.


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His Beatitude, Mar +Markus I,

Our Beloved Patriarch Elected in 1967 •

The Most Rev. + Mark I. Miller,OSB,-Pro-Tem &Counselor

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The Most Rev +Juan Correa, OSB

Metropolitan Archbishop Of Los Angeles •

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Most Rev. Lawrence Hicks,OSBJCD

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