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Brisben Baptist Church

2717 State HWY 12, Between Greene and Oxford • Oxford, NY 13830 • United States • • Baptist

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Brisben Baptist Church

What is a Biblical Christian?


We are a diverse group with various backgrounds, educations, and vocations. You'll find in our midst college students, children, teens, adults, couples, singles, and families. What we have in common is our faith in Christ and our commitment to the Word of God. In our times of fellowship we experience a warm, family-like atmosphere. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we aim & long for a growing holiness and conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ. We hope you'll find us to be genuine and friendly people.

Brisben Baptist has a long history of ministry, being the 1st Baptist church established in Chenengo County. We pray God will continue to bless and build his church in Brisben until the day of His return!


We are committed first and foremost to the glory of the triune God who has revealed Himself in Holy Scripure. To that end we also are committed to II Timothy 4:2-preaching; Christ-centered evangelism; Scripturally-ordained worship; and Biblical churchmanship. We want to build up families, equip the saints, convict the lost, and encourage the discouraged. Simply put, we wish to apply the Whole Word of God to the Whole Man, Woman, and Child.


The London Baptist Confession of 1689 is our confession of faith. Please don't misunderstand - the Bible alone is our standard for all faith and practice: The Confession is simply a systematic declaration of what we believe the Bible itself teaches. Our allegence is, and ever will be, to the written Word of God, alone. We could easily summarize our major convictions with the five "Sola"s of the protestant reformation:

SOLA SCRIPTURA - Scripture Alone!

SOLUS CHRISTUS - Christ Alone!

SOLA GRATIA - Grace Alone!

SOLA FIDE - Faith Alone!

SOLI DEO GLORIA - Glory to God Alone!


We worship together in Brisben, NY right on Rt. 12. Our church is about 5 minutes from Greene, 7 minutes from Oxford, 10 minutes from Coventry, 20 minutes from Bainbridge, 25 minutes from Norwich, 35 minutes from Binghamton, 40 minutes from Sherburne, and 45 minutes from Oneonta. Here's a MAP


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