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Holy Saviour's Anglican Church, Anse Royale

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South Mahe Parish

Just under a third of the Anglican population of Seychelles live in the parish of South Mahe.
Although Port Glaud and part of La Misere form part of South Mahe parish, parishioners from thoese areas find it more convenient to worship in Victoria.

The Parish, created in 1887, is part of the Anglican Diocese of the Seychelles (itself part of the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean) with the Right Reverend French Chang-Him as its Bishop.

Prior to the building of Holy Saviour's Church at Anse Royale, the focal point of fellowship among Anglicans of South Mahe had been at Pointe au Sel, where a school and chapel had been in existence for about 35 years. The move was perhaps prompted by the number of Anglicans further South.

Holy Saviour's Church, Anse Royale

The Reverend Joseph Francois (or Francis) Bossy (born in Bargoin, Departement Isere, France) arrived in 1886 and at first assisted the Civil Chaplain Grandjean at Victoria. He became a British subject in 1887, married, and was then sent to Anse Royale for "what was parctically missionary work".

Under the direction of the Reverend J.R.J. Grandjean, Chaplain at Mahe, Fr. Bossy undertook the supervision of the construction of the church at Anse Royale which replaced the wooden Chapel at Pointe au Sel. The construction of the church began in 1889. It is built in a simple gothic style with coral bricks bonded together with lime and sand mix. The vestry was built later.
On Thursday 7th September 1893 the church was consecrated by the Right Reverend W. Walsh, D.D.

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