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St. George's Memorial Church Ypres

Elverdingsestraat 1, • 8900 Ieper, West Flanders 8900 • Belgium • +32 57 215 685 • Anglican

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St. George's Memorial Church Ypres

The Chaplain and Churchwardens offer you a warm welcome to this church. It was built as a memorial to the thousands of men who died in the three battles of the Ypres Salient. At the end of the First World War, 500 000 men had died and the 160 Commonwealth War Cemeteries around Ypres mark the areas on which they fell. In 1918 with their town in complete devastation, the people of Ypres set about the task of rebuilding in the same style as it had been in 1914. Since the end of the Second World War the Church has also been a memorial to the troops who passed through Ypres in the retreat to Dunkirk.

Appeal for British Church

Field Marshal Sir John French, Earl of Ypres, a former Army Commander, appealed for a British memorial church to be built here. Land was allocated and planning permission was given by the town and on Saturday 24th July 1927, Field Marshal Lord Plumer laid the foundation stone of the church. The church was dedicated for worship by the Bishop of Fulham on 24th March 1929.

British School Opened-and closed

A Pilgrim's Hall and a Vicarage were built in the grounds of the church. A British School was built next to the Vicarage as a donation by Eton College to the British Community in Ypres. In 1938 the school had 98 children, mainly from the families of British staff of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The school was closed at the beginning of the Second World War and never re-opened. The Vicarage and Pilgrim's Hall were sold because the church authorities at the time thought that the British Community could no longer support a Chaplain. Little did they realise that in the year 2002 there would be over 100.000 visitors to the church. In 2002 we celebrated our 75th anniversary of the laying of the foundation - stone.

The windows and Memorials : The history of regiments and individual soldiers who died in the Ypres Salient is reflected in the Windows and Memorial Plaques in the Church . In the Sanctuary, dominated by the Window to the Guards Division, you will see brass plaques dedicated to the memory of Regiments, some of wich consisted of 56 battalions. A battalion consisted of up to 1000 officers and men when fully up to establishment. One plaque for 5600 men! You will also see smaller plaques on the backs of chairs. Many of these plaques were carefully removed ans stored during the Second World War and replaced afterwards.

The kneelers : The embroidered "Kneelers" otherwise known as "Hassocks" have been a major project begun by the " Friends of St.George's " and co-ordinated by Rene Kinnear, who with a small team of " Friends " has worked hard to create many of the kneelers on behalf of donors. We now have a kneeler for every permanent chair in the church. They make a colourful scene

The church is open every day from 9.30 am until dusk (4pm in winter).

The Resident Chaplain of St. George's can be reached at:
8900 IEPER (Ypres), Belgium
Telephone: +32 57 215 685
Facsimile: +32 57 215 927


This church is part of the Archdeaconry of N.W. Europe,within the Diocese in Europe, and is also listed on the overview of Anglican Churches in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg Flanders' Fields There is a famous poem on the battle fields under the Flanders Fields, which is by Lt.Col.Dr. John McCrae.

Special services and events

Note : At certain times and seasons service patterns change according to special events ( Christmas, Lent , Holy Week , Easter , Armistice Day and for local ecumenical events.)

March 2010 No Morning Services Sunday 7 March 18,00 Songs of Well loved Praise. Sunday 14 March 18,00 Mothering Sunday Evensong. Sunday 21 March 18,00 Evensong. Sunday 28 March Palm Sunday 18,00 Evensong. Special Service: 30th Mass for the annual visit of Sint Berchmans College Avelgem. HAVE YOU OBTAINED YOUR COPY OF ST. GEORGE'S COMMEMORATIVE BOOKLET??? DO SUPPORT THIS UNIQUE CHURCH!!!!! ' Greater Love Hath No Man ' Written by Dr. Gillian Hawkes, the booklet is a comprehensive history of St. George's Memorial Church and School. ' A MUST to Have ' for all who love our Church. Price 3 Euros ( 4 Euros including postage ) Please Contact Mr Patrick Hawkes ( Churchwarden )at the church address; Thank you for your suport. THE CHURCH IS OPEN TO VISITORS EVERY DAY FROM 9.30am UNTILL 20.00 : FROM APRIL UNTILL END OF OCTOBER . 9.30am UNTILL 16.30 : FROM NOVEMBER UNTILL END OF MARCH. Except at times of special services and circumstances beyond our control. Applications for group visits at other times should be made in ADVANCE to The Chaplain our Churchwardens . STOP : SUBSCRIPTION TO THE NEWSLETTER IS DUE NOW FOR 2010 : From January 2010 to December 2010. 10 Euro in Belgium and 15 in UK . ( This include the postage, and twelve newsletters ). The Treasurer will be pleased to receive your subscription . Thank you for supporting the newsletter!!! Address : The Treasurer : Elverdingsestraat, 1 8900 Ieper. Belgium. YOU MAY ALSO RECEIVE THE NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL- send your email address to

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