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1241 East 54tj Street, • Indianapolis, IN 46220 • United States • 317 512 5404 • Anglican

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A House of Prayer for All People

The Church of the Good Shepherd at worship and privately offers prayers for "all conditions of men."
Everyone is welcome to join the prayers we make together from the Book of Common Prayer.
At every service there are prayers for the ill and infirm, for those in armed forces, for those who are troubled and for the society in which we live. We invite you to join this spiritual service.
We pray that we may be able to live up to our calling as disciples of Jesus the Christ. We pray that we may follow him in the servant life.
Our duty to God and humanity is summed up in the commandment repeated each Sunday, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself."


Good Shepherd is a small congregation with a great heart.
We see clearly more ways to serve God and humanity than we have automobiles and people willing to do His work in the world.
Call our pastor, Charles Scott at 317 512 5404, for information how you can prepare for service.

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Our Services & Events

Holy Eucharist

11:00 AM Sunday

Evening Prayer and Bible Study

7:00 PM Tuesday

Healing Service

11:00 AM 2nd Sunday

Our Staff

Charles R. Scott

Very Reverend •

Phlip Minton

Church Warden •

Wallace Hite

Tom Bast

Layreader •

Hal Lee