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House of God Hebrew Pentecostal Church

149 William Street, • Newburgh, NY 12550 • United States • 845 569-8700 • Pentecostal

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Hebrew Pentecostalism is a religious philosophy derived from the inclusion of all Divine concepts expressed in both the old and new Testaments of the Bible. The writings of the Old and New Testaments form the basis for both Judaism and Christianity, they also sharply delineate respective perceptions regarding the manner in which man is required to recognize and worship God. For example, Judaism rejects the validity and applicability of the New Testament writings while Christianity does the same for much of the Old Testament. It appears therefore that a merging of these two desperate positions would be tantamount to mixing water and oil however, that is exactly what Hebrew Pentecostalism does. The word "HEBREW" was used in Bible history by foreign peoples as a name for the Israelites; today it is applied only to the HEBREW LANGUAGE. Since the basic tenets of Hebrew Pentecostalism extracts its legitimacy from "the original" concepts of the Bible, it follows that the original reference to Gods chosen people is retained in our denominational identification. We further claim membership in the Hebrew family by linkage provided by Apostle Paul in Galatians 3:29 "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Pentecostalism has its basic roots in familiar religious concepts. Its beginning can be traced to Acts 2:1-6, where the promise of the Holy Ghost was fulfilled. The recognition of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit survived through centuries, but grew in the United States when speaking with tongues was evidenced in the early 1900s'. Working independently, "Holiness" movement preachers began evangelizing. In 1906, a revival was conducted in Los Angeles on Azusa Street. From this evangelistic meeting was launched the beginnings of most of the major Pentecostal denominations in the United States. Hebrew Pentecostalism emerged into the Pentecostal movement era that began in the early 1900s'. It traces its organizational roots to 1914, when Bishop R.A.R. Johnson organized an international organization named the House of God, The Holy Church of the Living God, The Pillar and the Ground of the Truth, The House of Prayer for All People, Inc. The church was charted in Washington, DC in 1918. The House of God doctrinal view reflects most of the beliefs of the Holiness-Pentecostal movement, with some exceptions. The observance of the Seventh Day Sabbath, Feast Days, and the eating of selective food are key differences from most Holiness-Pentecostal groups. The church, however did not identify as Hebrew Pentecostal denominationally until 1977 at the 58th Annual Convocation, when the then Chief Apostle, Bishop S.P. Rawlings, fathered the term "Hebrew Pentecostal" as a religious identification, after recognizing that The House of God... etc. Inc. was one of the only known churches that embraced "the total Bible" as current day truth. The local congregation in Newburgh, New York organized in August 2000, under the leadership of Elder Robert L. Diaz. The congregation worshipped in a shared rental facility in New Rochelle, New York until acquiring a church building in October 2003 in Newburgh, New York. The local congregation welcomes guest in any church service.


We hold a fundamental view that the Bible is the only God-given authority which man possesses; therefore all doctrine, faith, hope, and all instructions for the church must be based upon and harmonize with the Bible. We believe that all scriptures are valid. We do not esteem the Old Testament over the New Testament or the New Testament over the Old Testament scriptures. We believe you must live by the whole Book of Scriptures and that they do not contradict each other. Matthew 4:4; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21, Romans 15:4; Psalm 119:105; John 17:17; Isaiah 40:8

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Our Services & Events

Wednesday Night Bible Study

7:30 - 9:00 pm

Sabbath Evening (Friday)

8:00 pm

Sabbath School (Saturday)

11:00 am

Sabbath Worship Service (Sat.)

2:00 pm

Our Staff

Robert L. Diaz

Elder •