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St. Bede's Anglican Church

2350 Grants Mill Road • Birmingham, AL 35210 • United States • 205-956-2431 • Anglican

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Who We Are:

Saint Bede (pronounced "bead") was born in A.D. 673, near the far northeastern seaboard town of Newcastle and Durham, England.  The Counties of Northumberland and York you will know are near the border of Scotland.   Church Historians often refer to him as "The Venerable Bede".  Bede was a devout Christian whose lifelong faithful service puts a human face on a way to act in the face of adversity: dire poverty, tending the sick and dying, fear of the lawlessness and plague.  






Vicar and Sr. Warden participated in Jefferson County feasibility meeting

WHITSUNDAY COVERED DISH - Lithuanian Shish-Kabobs and all the trimmings - A family supplied the grill and the main course, everyone contributed pot-luck dishes and we created some memories.

We have a new graduate!


Vicar and Sr. Warden participated in Diocesan Synod in Columbia, S.C.

A family hosted college students from the Anglican Center on the campus of University of South Carolina, for a Birmingham Conference on Christianity.   Fr. Sterne honored us with fine sermon and afterward by introducing the USC students to us.


Our new Vicar met with local clergy and Charles Moore, The Mayor of Irondale.

God has blessed St. Bedes.  SBA broke a 3 year attendance record.  

Holy Week Services and Celebration; Fridays - Stations of the Cross   One, "Quiet Reading Day", on 3/16 followed by a Service.

Work period at the church - Saturday the 31st


Welcome Father and Mrs. Kyle Clark and their three children!  They will begin their residence at The Rectory, as Father Kyle begins his duties as the The Vicar of St. Bede's, February 1st.   We are so excited to have them on the campus of St. Bede's!      


To start the New Year in a right spirit, our Senior Lay Reader, Lucky Lewis, asks you to read these prayers:

At the New Year

O Immortal Lord God, who inhabitest eternity, and hast brought us to the beginning of another year: Pardon, we humbly beseech thee, our transgressions of the past, and graciously abide with us all the days of our life: guard and direct us in all trails and temptations, that by thy blessing we may grow in grace as we grow in years, and at the last may finish our course with joy: through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

For Christian Homes

Visit we beseech thee, O Lord, our homes, and drive from them all the snares of the enemy; let thy holy Angels dwell therein to preserve us in peace, and let thy blessing be ever upon us ; through Jesus Christ  our Lord. AMEN

  • Annual Epiphany Party on Jan. 7th with a 50 yr SBA tradition after the Service: Epiphany Cake slicing.
  • January 14, 2018, dinner at the Church.  Everyone is welcome.  Come and Celebrate St. Bede’s 40 years and welcome our Bishop, The Right Reverend Paul Hewett  
  • Welcome 4 new “Parishioners”  to SBA




  • Parish work-period and decorationing for Christmas - Dec. 17th
  • December 24th 4:00p.m. Christmas Eve Mass, we began an awesome Holiday with a service fit for a King
  • St. Bede’s continued to pray for and support three Priests and a Bishop in their individual missions
  • St. Bede’s donated to Jimmie Hale Mission


  • Parish work-period at the church Nov. 11th
  • Hosted an Anglican Church Retreat  (…our 1st to host and we really felt spiritually moved and fulfilled by hosting – thank you for the opportunity)
  • St. Bede’s prayed for and supported three Priests and a Bishop in their individual missions.
  • Donated  to Jimmie Hale Mission and Big Oak Ranch
  • We collect food (canned goods and non-perishables) for the needy.  Donation boxes will be in Canon Marvin Parish Hall.  Make all donations by Sunday the 19th to arrive the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Celebrated a 90th Birthday of Beverly a founding member of SBA.


  • Welcomed 2 new families to St. Bede’s as members
  • St. Bede’s prayed for and supported three Priests and a Bishop in their individual missions.
  • Donated to a minister’s mission in Alabama
  • The deck to the Rectory is painted.  All exterior painting is completed in time for fall and winter weather – go see the beautiful coat of paint and the Bavarian-esque look.   What an attractive chalet or mountain home!
  • A unifying Synod:   Four Dioceses launch a collaboration compact and a trend to unify as one.   Many have waited for this historic event for decades.   St. Bede’s is sending representation!  It could be said, the meeting in Atlanta will have as much impact as the founding of a large Cathedral.  That Big.  Give thanks, true Christians, for this is a unifying event in the shadow of Christ that will bring forth great fruit for His kingdom.   Lift up your hearts unto the Lord and witness this blessing! 


  • 40 Year Anniversary of faithfulness to God and service in Birmingham!   Join in a JOYFUL CELEBRATION and feast.  God is GREAT and we thank him for 40 years! 
  • The Parish prayed for and made a donation to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Donations were made for the first time to the greater A.C.N.A. catastrophe fund
  • St. Bede’s prayed for and supported three Priests and a Bishop in their individual missions.
  • A Communicant and Parishioner were added
  • Donated to a minister’s mission in Alabama



  • "Trinity Sessions"= Spiritual enrichment:  Wednesday night lite dinner and talk.  
  • Sundays this summer: we welcome visiting Priests and Deacons.  Come and encourage these ministers, hear their perspectives


  • Sundays this summer: we welcome visiting Priests and Deacons.  Come and encourage these ministers, hear their perspectives
  • Summer Camps
  • We are collecting un-used Eye glasses for a Christian eye-sight ministry for the poor.


  • House Blessing for newly wed couple on the 3rd  - - - a wonderful way to begin
  • Visit from Bishop Hewett on the 4th - - -  we were honored
  • Christening of a new born on the 11th - - - a tiny Christian begins his walk to Christ
  • Bedes Bazaar fundraiser on June 17th  - - - Raised over $2000 dollars entirely for charity
  • Beginning this summer, welcome visiting Priests and Deacons  - - - come and encourage these ministers, hear their perspectives 

Bargains to be had at BEDES BAZAAR on June 17th!!!!   Please join us for a 12 family yardsale at 501 Rockridge Avenue in Trussville, Alabama from 8:00am-1:00pm 


Looking for "tradition", come be a part of a rich Christian tradition...

What we are doing at St. Bede's is worshiping God the Father in the way our forefathers worshiped for over 600 hundred years.  This is the worship as originally agreed upon by Christians everywhere.   Every seven days this worship prepares Christians to cope with a fallen world and "to go forth in peace, to love and serve the Lord."    Most agree, St. Bede's Anglican (SBA) is the longest continuously operating and the oldest Anglican Church in Alabama.  The Anglican movement traces its roots to in Alabama to the founding of St. Bede's Church in 1977.


How is this church different...

  St. Bede's Church is the oldest, continuing, traditional Anglican Church in Alabama.  In England, The Anglican (means 'English') Church roots stretch back to before 599 A.D.  Some purport the Anglican Churhc developed separately from Rome since there was limited contact at the time.  (Of course, Prince Charles and Lady Di, William and Kate, were married at Westminster Abbey in the Anglican Church of England, the couple selected Wedding Rite from The 1928 Book of Common Prayer)   Our worship is according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  We use the 1940 Hymnal.

Like reading? Interested in Theology? Check out Richard Hooker, John Donne, Lancelot Andrewes, George Herbert, Nicholas Ferrar, C.S. Lewis, and T.S. Eliot, among others who were Anglicans.

The written word is important to Anglicans.  Anglicans gave the world The Book of Common Prayer (Thomas Cranmer).  Anglicanism gave to the Christian world the Authorized King James Version (AKJV) of the Bible.  Several reasons exist for using The King James.  One of the most interesting: most people's test scores are higher.  If you heard the other reasons, you may understand and you might see how in the context of our faith the AKJV could improve your understanding of God.  St. Bede (pronounced "bead") was born in A.D. 672, near the eastern seaboard town of Newcastle, England.  He was a monk his entire adult life and learned several laguages.  He compiled and wrote the first History of the English People.   (We love History at SBA!)  You may find the service and the prayers both focused and sublime.  The service ("Liturgy") organizes worship of God the Father Almighty based on more than 2000 years of traditions.  You will find it is less about the preacher talking subjectively and more about objective, learning, prayers - both priest-lead and in unison to God, and preparing us for Holy Communion, a new begining for the week, not completely without parrallel to God's instructions to the Jews.

Many of us would like to find a church,

  • which believes and operates according to absolute doctrinal and moral authority of Holy Scripture,
  • that follows the interpretation of the consensus of the Ancient Church on scripture, not pop-theology
  • where you and your family can grow in the Spirit of Christ, safely apart from "the maddening crowd's ignoble strife"
  • where the members are sincere, warm, fun, and welcome you
  • which possesses a certain "je ne sais quoi",  making your Sunday Sacrament "not conformed to this world: but... transformed by the renewing of your mind
  • St. Bede's has something you need to see.  Visit us! 


Resources:   Our 2017, newly, launched website and the home page for SBA activities  Visit our Facebook page.  We invite you to "Like" us on Facebook. Our parish unites with other Anglicans in America to work on initiatives.  Forward in Faith organizes the efforts of hundreds of parishes, priests, and bishops.  Click see one book designed to work with the Holy Bible exceedingly well.   "The Book of Common Prayer" will help you and your family throughout life.   It guides.  It exposes.  It gives us structure.  It takes the focus off the preacher and puts it back where it should be - on God.  Only when you understand how, will you understand why.   The Prayer Book has been handed down for more than 500 years and it is deserving of its heritage.  (Wherever you are now, it is likely, back across the oceans of time your ancestors worshiped with The Book of Common Prayer.  Visit St. Bede's to hear what your ancestor heard.  Understand, it is possible using The Book of Common Prayer has the potential to make your Christian life as good, and potentially better than that of your ancestor.)  Click here for a link to our Diocese.  Our parishes are organized under a "Bishop", in grouping call "The Diocese of the Holy Cross".   Our Bishop has valid orders and was ordained by "Apostolic Succession" (If you believe in the Holy Spirit, this is important).  Click here to see great examples of The 1928 Prayerbook prayers and a great "Daily Offices" website.


Recently we noticed where St. Bede's members are saying prayers that are more than 2700 years old!


I’ll be gobsmacked:

A 2016 academic study found that churches that embrace conservative theology tend to draw more adherents than those that have fallen into liberalism……The Canadian study, published in the Review of Religious Research, found that successful churches “held more firmly to the traditional beliefs of Christianity and were more diligent in things like prayer and Bible reading”.  THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D.3 Jan 2018

Where We Are

Address:  2350 Grants Mill Road; Birmingham, AL. 35210 


From I-459: Take Exit 27, travel southeast about 1.5 miles on Grants Mill Road, just past the Cahaba River bridge.  Our driveway is on your right opposite the Church sign.


From US-119/Cahaba Valley Rd.: take Grants Mill Road at the far northwest end of Lake Purdy.  Cross Lake Purdy and proceed to the intersection of Sicard Hollow Road and Grants Mill Road.  Continue northeast on Grants Mill Rd.(Co.Rd. 143) for about 2.2 miles.  Our drive is on the left.


See us from SPACE!!!  Notice how the Cahaba River, our longest free-flowing river, snakes around SBA. (some parishioners who love the beauty, canoe the River - Canoe trip for April is being planned!)   Google Earth us!!   Yes, we are there, and Alabama topographers have 'put us on the map' for almost 4 decades!  Take one Sunday to observe the dignity and beauty of our style of worship of God and the lovely setting God has afforded us.  If you use Google Earth often, you are the adventurous type - an explorer. Is it time to explore Anglicanism?








Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Holy Communion

10:00 A.M.

Lake House Party


"Trinity Sessions" = learning


Summer Book reading

Begin May 15th

Vestry Meeting

1st Sunday of Month

Anglican Young Professionals

Last Tuesday of Mnth

Our Staff

Kyle Clark

The Reverend •

Mark Lewis or Don Lewis, Jr.

Licensed Lay Readers •

Nancy Lewis

Prefect Sacristan •

Betsy Chambliss

Instructor/Conservator of Anglicanism •

Laura Lewis

Sunday School Superintendent •