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Anglican Independent Communion in the Americas

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Why was it necessary to establish the Anglican Independent Communion in the Americas (AICA)? In 1979 the Episcopal Chuch USA (ECUSA) departed the traditional, orthodox, catholic faith by altering the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The new book not only is a shift in style, but in doctrine as well. Th new book dilutes teaching about the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man. Traditional American Anglicans adhere to the 1928 Book of Common Praer for reasons of doctrine as well as for reasons of taste, style, and sentiment. Why the historic ministry? Traditional Anglicans preserve the apostolic ministry of male bishops, priests, and deacons. ECUSA'S decision to ordain women was one of political correctness and not the teachings of Christ and the Church Fathers. For nearly two thousand years of Christian belief the Church rejected the ordination of women. Christ had many women followers and ignored many social customs about women, but He did not appoint women apostles. Compare our standards of Belief. ECUSA claims to maintain the traditional, orthodox, Anglican belief in the Truth of the Scriptures and the ancient Creeds. The fact is, however, that ECUSA tolerates disbelief. Some of its seminaries actualy encourage heresy. Many of the ECUSA bishops, priests, and deacons do not believe in the Virgin Birth, the divinity of Christ, or of His resurrection and ascension. Anglicans are loyal to Holy Scripture and the ancient Creeds. What of Homosexual Behavior and Unmarried Heterosexual Couples Living as Man and Wife? ECUSA is gowing ever more tolerant of such sinful behavior. Practicing homosexuals are being ordained to the priethood. Homosexuals and unmarried hetersexuals living as "husband and wife" are even blessed by ECUSA. The practice of homosexuality is a sin, and those who are guilty should repent and abandon their practice. Likewise unmarried heterosexual couples living as "husband and wife" without the benefit of Holy Matrimony is a sin and those guilty must repent an abandon the pactice. As Christians we should be compassionate to all people, but the Church cannot condone sin. What about Abortion? It is apparent that ECUSA views abortion-on-demand as a personal and practical decision. Traditional Anglicans believe that life belongs to God from the moment of conception and that any decision to terminate life is a great moral issue. Therefore, traditional Anglicans oppose abortion-on-demand. What of Parish Property? ECUSA belives that parish property belongs to the diocese. This fact has often been used to coerce parishes into compliance with new policies. In the AICA parish property, both real and personal, belongs to the parish and is controlled by the local vestry. This fact eliminates any possibility of coercion. Contact us to learn more.


The Independent Angican Church in the Americas' has joined the Anglcan Church, Province of North America. Please go to: for more information.

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