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St. Peter A. M. E. Church

2224 Whites Creek Pike, • Nashville, TN 37203 • United States • (615)-228-8100 • AMENZ

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St. Peter AME Church has been in the forefront of church ministries in Nashville, Tennessee for more than one-hundred years. Many of the outstanding pastors of African Methodism has served this congregation We have a holistic ministry that is designed to meet your every spiritual need. We are part of the North Nashville District of the Tennessee Cnference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. We are experiencing unusual spiritual and physical growth; COME AND GROW WITH US!

The AME CHURCH: Founded, 1787; Organized, 1816

The AME Church is the oldest predominantly Afro-American denomination in the Western World. It was founded in 1787 in Philadelphia by Richard Allen and others when they walked out of St. George's Methodist Church to protest unfair segregation and discriminatory practices. Today, the AME Church has more than 5 million members worldwide in the U. S., Canada, England, the West Indian/Caribbean Islands, South America, and in 27 countries throughout the African continent. "Come Thou With Us and We Will Do Thee Good."

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Our Services & Events

Church School

10:00 A.M. - Sunday

Morning Worship

11:00 A.M. - Sunday

Mid-Week Service

7:00 P.M.- Wednesday

Youth Ministries

5:00 P.M.- Saturday

Our Staff

Randy Brown

Senior Pastor •

Preston Taylor

Associate Minister •

Eric Dickerson

Associate Minister •

Charles E. Jenkins

Presiding Elder •

Frederick Hilborn Talbot, S. T. M., D. Min.

Resident Bishop •