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Truth Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church

213 Laurel Hill Avenue, • Providence, RI 02909 • United States • 401-461-3906 • Pentecostal

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Jesus Christ Has What You Need

If you will pray to Jesus Christ He will meet your need. Jesus Christ is real. And He was some wonderful things to give to you and to do in your life. If you don't know this, it begins with faith and prayer. He guarantees that you will know, if you believe and pray.

Come Visit Our Church to Find Jesus Christ

Our church stands for the truth of the Bible, which is the Word of God. We don't use traditional language in defining our faith in the Deity of Jesus Christ, but we believe that He is God Almighty Himself come to live in a human body. (The Bible prophesies this in Isaiah 9:6.) And because He is God He is able to save you.
Jesus is real. Our pastor found this out personally at a young age, after a great fight with his rational mind about the teaching of the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Rationally it is hard to believe that one arose from the dead. But he wanted to believe this, and made up his mind to believe it, against all reason (or what seemed to be reason to him). And Jesus Christ revealed Himself to this man, through His indwelling Spirit.

Our pastor remembers walking up the walk to his apartment, completely filled with the joy of the Lord, speaking in tongues, and saying in English over and over again, "Jesus is real! Jesus is real!" And it's still a joy in his heart to know that Jesus is real.
Come and find out for yourself. Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to your soul, and you will be filled with the joy of the Lord.

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Sunday School For All Ages

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Spanish Language Service

6:00 pm/Saturday

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