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Greater Zion Shiloh Baptist Church

1333 Fulton Street, • Brooklyn, NY 11216 • United States • 718-857-0656 • Baptist

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Pastor GTM Jones

This church is concerned about the holistic "whole" existance of mankind especially their soul.

Greater Zion Shiloh is sent by the AllMighty God to minister to every creature willing to be delivered healed and saved. Greater Zion Shiloh will administer to the good, bad,rich,poor,right, the wrong, the helpless, the homeless , the sick, the well, the lost ,the wise, and the hasty. We speak to all those who desire a better life here in this mean, troublesome, uncertain and restless time. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit: Greater Zion Shiloh is commissioned by God to witness about Jesus Christ to every person we can.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30 am Sunday

Morning Worship

11:00 am Sunday

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

7:30 pm Wednesday

Our Staff

Reverend Dr. GTM Jones

Pastor • n/a

Minister Joseph Jones

Assistant Pastor • n/a

Trustee Charles Dillard

Chairman of Trustee board • n/a

Deaconess Adele Hester

Church Secretary • n/a

Deaconess E.P. Jones

Church Clerk • n/a