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Transformation of Our Hearts and Minds for Revival

1.1 Almighty God . . . govern the hearts and minds of those
in authority.

1.2 The nation celebrates the 40th anniversary of our Merdeka.
. How and where have we been touched and transformed ?

1.3 Religious resurgence: All religions claim that their members
. have been revived. Has God been allowed to touch our
. hearts and minds ?

1.4 Greater emphasis on Multimedia Supercorridor (MSC). A
. minister said: Without computer knowledge we will be
. isolated from the rest of the world.

2. A wise man became a foolishman and the Kingdom was . torn.

2.1 Solomon asked wisdom from God to admistrator justice
. ( 1 Kings 2:9, 28 ; 1 Kings 3:9 )

2.2 God said " You must not intermarry with foreign women,
. they will surely turn your heartsafter their gods".
. ( 1 Kings 11:2 )

2.3 The Lord became angry with Solomon because his
. heart had turned from the Lord.

3. Our hearts and minds have power to transform our lives
. or cause problems to ourselves and others.

3.1 Out of our heart evil thought rise ( Mk 7:21 ).
. The devil goes to our heart ( Jn 13:2 ).
. The devil put onto heart of Judas.
. God knows your heart ( Lk 5:22 ).

3.2 Solutions: Circumcise your heart ( Rom 2:5, 27 )
. Render your heart and not your garments for any inner
. and external change.
. The heart prompts us to do the will of God.( Eph 6:6 )
. Come closer to God. ( Heb 11:22 )

3.3 Allow God to direct and rule our hearts.( Eph 3:17 )
. Let Christ dwell in your heart. ( The 3:5 )
. Let God direct our heart to love. ( Pet 3:15 )
. Let him purify.

4. Conclusion:

. Unless hearts and minds are transformed we will
. not be able to make impact in the lives of others,
. invite others to Christ, enrich others,
. increase our membership.

Action: Lets us kneel in silence
. Ask God's forgiveness,
. Ask Him to change us,
. Ask Him to use.

Ven Canon Dr S. Batumalai
. Vicar

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