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Harvest Christian Center

302 Soundview Ave., • Shelton, CT 06484 • United States • 203-924-4655 • Non-denominational

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Our Fellowship and Call

As a Christian fellowship we desire to be--
Biblical, teaching the full Word of God without compromise.
Practical, following Jesus in meeting and overcoming the challenges of life.
Contemporary, addressing the issues of our time with Biblical principles.
Alive in the Spirit, following the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to move through us in His power and gifts to manifest God's Kingdom.

Harvest Christian Center is called to be--
A place of healing for those wounded by the world or the church.
A refuge from condemnation of sin through forgiveness by the sacrificial life of Jesus.
A City Set on a Hill, a visible community of believers which exemplifies a lifestyle that glorifies Christ.

Our Purpose

Harvest Christian Center is the direct result of God's renewing work in a church that has long been a part of this community. In 1988 we adopted our current name to reflect a great ingathering of souls in the area, as a fresh alternative to traditions, and to further the work of God's kingdom in Southern Connecticut.

Our desire is for Jesus to be seen in every area of our lives. We believe that Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth. For us to serve Him means to know Him, to love Him, and to express Him in all our actions and words.

For more information, directions, or help, call 203-924-4655 or e-mail us at jbair"a.t"englishplus"d.o.t"com. May God bless you.


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Jesus is Lord

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Our Services & Events

Praise and Word

Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Bible Study

Wednesday 6:30 p.m.

Financial Counseling

By appointment

Our Staff

Louis Mauri

Pastor •

James Bair

Elder •