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OTTAWA-GATINEAU COMMUNITY CHURCH, Box 40094, 2515 Bank Street • Ottawa, ON K1V 0W8 • Canada • 613-738-2942 • ICCC

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Le fran�s suit

We are a Christian Catholic Rite congregation of the International Council of Community Churches. The first congregation of our tradition in America was organized in St. Anne, Illinois, in 1859. The church in the Capital area (Ottawa-Gatineau) was inaugurated in December 1976. It is dedicated to St. Bernard of Clairvaux and St. Gregory of Parumala.

We have been the cathederal church for the Christian Catholic Rite since 1982, when Rector S.A. Theriault succeeded the late Msgr O'Neill Cote (1939-1986) as 4th Bishop Ordinary and the Episcopal See was transfered from Montreal-Longueuil (St. Stephen's Church) to the Capital Area.


Texte fran�s

Nous sommes une �ise communautaire de rite catholique-chr�en. La premi� �ise de cette tradition a � organis�en 1859, dans la colonie canadienne-fran�se de l'Illinois (Sainte-Anne, Kankakee).

Notre �ise a � �blie en d�mbre 1976. Elle est d���t-Bernard de Clairvaux et �t-Gr�ire de Parumala. Nous sommes l'�ise cath�ale du Rite catholique-chr�en depuis que le cur�erge A. Th�ault a succ� �gr O'Neill C�comme 4e �que ordinaire en 1982, et que le si� �scopal a � transf� de Montr�-Longueuil (Paroisse Saint-�ienne) �a r�on d'Ottawa-Gatineau.


Le troisi� dimanche du mois: messe de la Soci� du Pr�eux-Sang
Third Sunday of the month: Mass of the Society of the Precious Blood


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Our Services & Events

Eucharistie - Holy Eucharist

Sunday: 10:00 A.M.

Liturgie du Prcieux-Sang SPS

3e dimanche, 10h00

Messe de l'OC / OCT Mass

2 avr, 20 jn, 6 dc

Chapelle Dignit Mmorial

180 Montral, Ottawa

Dignity Memorial Chapel

180 Montreal, Ottawa

Our Staff

S.A. Thriault, Ph.D., Th.D., D.Chr.

Pastor/Pasteur •

Robert Butterworth, S.P.B.

Assistant English & Bilingual Ministry •

W. Dionne, M.A., L.Th., D.Chr.

G. Prieur / G. Prior •