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Scripural References: Heb 11:6b, James 4:8, Deut 4:29, Psalm 63, John 17:3, Jer 24:7
Introduction: We were created and redeemed to Glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. He hates spiritless religion and activities that replaces His presence in our live, fellowships and churches. God longs to see passion for Him in our hearts as we yearn for Him. We study the scriptures prayerfully and passionately seeking Him and not as a duty. God paid the cost through His Son Jesus to reconcile us back to Himself because He longs for communion with us. We must not be satisfied by anything else or allow anyone to take His rightful place but we must continually long for Him as deer longs for the waters in the desert-Psalm 42. 
Important Notes:
1.    The desire to seek Him diligently starts with Him and He expects us to seek Him in response. Failure to respond to His urging grieves the Holy Spirit. Phil 2:13.

2.    We trust Him to uphold and sustain the fire, the desire for Him. Psalm 63:8

3.    Scriptures, prayers and fellowships are means of communing with Him but they do not replace Him. We seek to know and experience Him.John 5:39

4.    The prodigal son arose to go back to the Father, a person and not to friends, brothers, community or things .we come to church or fellowship to meet a person-God.

5.    God does not respond to casual, half hearted search for Him, but only to a whole hearted passionate longing.

6.    He longs to be found. Hosea 11:4

7.    Put love and fear for God at the centre of everything and every decision, everywhere Psalm 36:7-8.Integrate Him to life and surrender.

8.    Must create time to be with Him, consistently. Expressing our love to Him. Pressures of life reveal our priorities.
9.    Remain focused, poor in spirit, of broken spirit, deny self, crucify any offending character and have no excuse

10.    Pay the necessary costs along the way to be with 


2 chronicles15:12-19. Let’s enter into a covenant to seek the Lord our God, personally and wholeheartedly .Revival comes when children of God pursue Him passionately and consistently .We pray that God will saturate us with hunger and thirst for Him. May the His word   in Jer. 24:7b “and they will be my people and I will be their God, for they will return to me with their whole heart.” Become true in us and in our church. Amen


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