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The Lawrenceville Mission

801 Windsor Avenue, P O Box 871 • Lawrenceville, VA 23868 • United States • 434 623 8421

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The Lawrenceville Mission is a missions ministry in southside Virginia created to fill in gaps in service delivery to those most in need.

Lawrenceville is a small town located aboutg half way between Richmond ,VA and Raleigh, N,C. In 2012  Rev. Dr. Betty Boston , retired  CME minister , went to see if an abandoned church St James Trinity could be revived and if there was a need for ministry there. Because there is not a shortage of people in need, there is always room for ministry. The real issue was- what is the most pressing need that ministry can creatively and successfully respond to

Lawrenceville has over the past 20 years had the life drained from it- factories closing one by one, losing a prison, then St Pauls College closing. GOOD JOBS -  GONE. !!! Good people moved to a more prosperous environment. What's left is Good people holding on and hoping for a change.

WHY We Are Here

GATHER the Fragments

I have had this recurring dream  Returning home one day I discovered a porch populated with dogs. Big dogs Small dogs fat dogs skinny doge. Dogs in every space on the porch.  They were not aggressive. The were just there. As I approached the porch I tried to clear them off but they barely moved. I was able to touch them so I proceeded to gently push at several of them. Still no result. As I pushed more these dogs began to transform slowly into human form.. They were lethargic but began to become people.

I was reminded of Jesus on His way to service  entering Jerusalem via the sheep gate. The Pool of Bethesda is there . There are five porches filled with impotent people. These people were thrown away. These people were waiting for a change to come. These people need restoration.

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