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The Norbert and Friends Missions

P.O.BOX 12892, Kaloleni Pentecost church street • Arusha, TZ +255 • Tanzania • +255755296674

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History of the organization


The Norbert and Friends Missions is a christian NGO working through local partners to bring help and hope to communities around the country and other developing countries..

The Norbert and Friends Missions is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities starting within Tanzania.

The Norbert and Friends Missions started in 1999 and it was ammended in march 2015 under the leadership of Mr Norbert and his friends with the main purpose to create the world as to be like the heaven on earth" by enabling people to live free from suffering and poverty.

Our dream is to help community get better education and health and get involved in priotizing their projects.

From the beginning, The Norbert and Friends Missions was always there to work with the people and not to superimpose a plan for them. That kind of involvement both serves and empowers. And though it’s slow going, I think The Norbert and Friends Missions has made a tremendous contribution in helping people take hold of, and work with, whatever resources they have.”

The Norbert and Friends Missions aims to achieve the sustained well-being of children and youth within families and communities, especially the most vulnerable by ensuring that children or youth:

  • Enjoy good health
  • Are educated for life
  • Experience love of God and their neighbour
  • Are cared for, protected and participate

Aims, Vision and Values


To provide sustainable support for education and livelihoods in Tanzania and other developing country   

Vision and Values

We believe in community based programmes, where the Foundation works together with local people to improve lives.

Our local managers are experienced in working at grassroots level. By keeping programmes small and manageable, we monitor expenditure in detail and ensure funds focus on priority needs.

Our lines of communication are short, we are flexible and respond quickly to changing circumstances. Our local country managers, our CEO and Trustees are all closely involved in decision making.

Please call us for further details +255 755296674




About us

Who we are:-

The Norbert and Friends Missions is a tax exempt nonprofit organization with 12 (2) status

The Norbert and Friends Missions is a small Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

The founders of The Norbert and Friends Missions bring decades of experience in humanitarian assistance, appropriate technology, social services, spiritual development and welfare, training, business, nonprofit management and fundraising to our nonsectarian, non governmental organization. We share a passionate commitment to the mission of The Norbert and Friends Missions! and to working with rural village populations in Tanzania and Malawi to alleviate poverty among the community

The Norbert and Friends Missions has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality.

Church related Programs:

Inspired by the Gospel message of hope, we unite people from all denominations in prayer and service.
We also have a heart to implement church based programs such as:-

·         Christian education

·         Church mission

·         Preaching and teaching the gospel

·         Church planting

·         Mercy ministries

Our Mission statement

The Norbert and Friends Missions was established in 1999 (amended in 2015) with the mission of helping rural populations in the developing world cope with water, food, education , good delivery among women, health and community development in general as well as the spiritual development.

Using a participatory approach and appropriate technologies, The Norbert and Friends Missions! works with communities in rural Tanzania and Malawi to identify and meet their needs in five primary sectors:

(1)   Poverty eradication

(2)   Youth -vocational training

(3)   Health –free surgery and provide medical equipments and supplies

(4)   Prisons bible training

(5)   Orphans and children care and support

We work nationally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality.

We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

Our vision

Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives.  The Norbert and Friends Missions has a vision - an end to poverty - and we believe that vision can become a reality.

Our essential purpose

·         to expose the scandal of poverty

·         to help in practical ways to root it out from the world 

·         to challenge and change structures and systems that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalized.

·         Share the good news of Jesus using different methods (mission teams, films, medical services, street evangelism etc)

Our mandate

We are an agency of our churches in Tanzania and Malawi and are mandated to work on relief, education, development and advocacy for poverty eradication. The Norbert and Friends Mission’s work is founded on Christian faith, inspired by hope and acts to change an unjust world through charity – a  practical love and care for our neighbours.

Our values

Love and solidarity

We are called to love and care for one another in compassion and humility, as we stand alongside all those who struggle against poverty, powerlessness and injustice.

Dignity and respect

We are convinced that every human being has innate dignity. All people are of equal worth, which is why we place honesty and respect for others at the heart of what we do.

Justice and equality

We understand that where people lack power, poverty prevails, so we support work that empowers individuals and communities. We fight injustice and inequality with courage, hope and determination, challenging the structures and systems that prevent people from rising out of poverty.

Cooperation and partnership

Our work is rooted in a spirit of cooperation and we affirm the value of acting in partnership with others. We work with and for the churches, as well as with other faith and secular groups. We also engage with other key actors, including civil society, government and the private sector, in various ways and on various levels.

Accountability and stewardship:-

We are accountable for how we use the resources entrusted to us, ensuring that our decision-making is open and transparent. We measure our impact and are always striving to improve our performance.
We are committed to being effective stewards of the planet's scarce resources and caring for the earth for the sake of future generations.

Our board
Our board of Directors provides us with a breadth of experience and expertise. Directors contribute their time to help set and oversee the strategic direction of The Norbert and Friends Missions
The board’s principal responsibilities include determining the overall strategy, policies, direction and goals of The Norbert and Friends Missions; protecting and promoting the identity and values of the charity; and fulfilling our statutory responsibilities.
The board of Directors of  The Norbert and Friends Missions meets six times a year and consists of a Chair; a nominee from each of the national committees for Arusha ; the Chair of The Norbert and Friends Missions; a nominee of Churches Together in Arusha and Malawi and up to 15 other Directors appointed by the members (the sponsoring ministries in Australia under the leadership of Rev John and Ms Pam).
This mix ensures an appropriate balance of lay and ordained people, gender, age, ethnic origin, church tradition, geographical spread, and knowledge and skills relevant to The Norbert and Friends Mission’s work.
In keeping with good governance practice, one-quarter of the Directors retire at each annual general meeting and are eligible to be re-appointed for further terms of office, usually limited to eight consecutive years. This process does not apply to the  The Norbert and Friends Missions the nominees from the national committees or Malawi..
The board delegates certain functions to committees of Directors, including a nominations and procedures committee; an audit and risk committee; a finance, fundraising and investment committee, a human resources and strategy committee; and a remuneration committee.

Why we do what we do:-

What is it The Norbert and Friends Missions  does, and why?

How are we different from other Christian development and educational agencies?

A little history may help answer these frequently asked questions.
The Norbert and Friends Missions was founded in 1999 when some of the Pentecostal Pastors discovered that God has imparted a compassion fire into Rev Norbert’s heart that’s how they decided to start up this kind of ministry.. The Norbert and Friends Missions was amended as an NGO in 2015.
From its early days  The Norbert and Friends Missions has assisted people and communities on the basis of need, regardless of race, religion or nationality.
Today it is the official relief, development and advocacy agency of several sponsoring churches in Tanzania and Malawi and it is part of the national-wide church community.  The Norbert and Friends Missions is, self-evidently, a Christian organization.
The board, appointed by the sponsoring churches, is Directors of the vision, purpose and values of The Norbert and Friends Missions, supplying a mandate to work for poverty eradication. We are active in some of the world’s poorest in Tanzania and Malawi.

What we believe:-

The Norbert and Friends Mission’s work is founded on Christian faith and powered by hope. It acts to change an unjust world through charity, providing practical love and care for neighbors in need. It is driven by the gospel of good news to the poor, and inspired by the vision of a new Earth where everyone lives in justice, peace and plenty.

We help those in need:-

The Norbert and Friends Missions follows the teaching of Jesus Christ, who commanded his followers to love their neighbor and work for a better world. Jesus identified with the poor, excluded, weak, sick and oppressed. He said he wanted everyone to have life, abundantly, hence, ‘We believe in life before death’.
The Norbert and Friends Missions is prophetic, outspoken and on the side of the poor and marginalised; we are agents of change.
The Norbert and Friends Missions believes everyone is created equal, with inherent dignity and basic rights. When people are dehumanised – denied food, water, dignity, justice, education, healthcare and chance for an income –  The Norbert and Friends Missions stands with them in the struggle to realise their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

We are inspired by great Christian visionaries like South African anti-apartheid and humanitarian justice activist Desmond Tutu, US civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King and Dietrich Bonheoffer, participant in the German resistance against Nazism.
We believe in the just and sustainable use of the earth and its resources so that the greed of one generation will not create poverty for the next.
We are proud of our Christian identity and heritage. It defines who we are and how we work.

What we do:-

We cross divides of religion, race and nationality, acting as the good Samaritan and going the extra mile to proclaim release to captives.
Wherever we can make a difference,  The Norbert and Friends Missions works with and through local organizations – our partners. For many years The Norbert and Friends Missions has worked with partners of all faiths and none who share our vision of championing the eradication of poverty and injustice.
We work in around 4 countries, for example Kenya (in 2007) Rwanda (2007) now active in Tanzania (Arusha) and Malawi..
We are frequently not alone:  The Norbert and Friends Missions often works with other agencies who supports our projects, such as:-

·         We care solar                                              

·         Te Doy Foundation                                      

·         International Surgical Mission Support      

·         Shalom Church of God                               

·         Little Dresses                                               

·         Fai Project                                                   

With our partners and allies, we uphold a commitment to honesty, professionalism, mutual respect, accountability and diversity.
Our staff share the diversity of nationality, faith and ethnicity yet are all committed to the essential purpose of - and its role as a Christian relief, development and advocacy agency.
The Norbert and Friends Missions is a voice for the poor, not afraid of getting political.
We believe that God does not want poverty, injustice, discrimination and unsustainable development in the world.
So we campaign for change, challenging structures and systems that make and keep people poor. The values of justice, peace and love must challenge the world’s values and our own, prompting us to re-examine how our lifestyles and decisions affect others.
That is our charitable purpose and part of our Christian vocation. It does not mean getting involved in party politics but it does mean confronting with the truth people who have the power to change things. The Norbert and Friends Missions does not try to hide its anger when poor people are exploited.

Ongoing projects:-

·         Free surgery program in Rufiji District (Mchukwi Mission Hospital)

·         Children sponsorship Program (Mringa Primary School)

·         Sewing Training Program

·         Secondary and vocational training among Youth

·         Poultry keeping (Arusha oldadai, sasi and Bangata villages)

·         Gospel literature distribution Programs –

·         Solar distribution Program to clinics –to start with Monduli District

·         Medical equipments and educational and relief tools supplies- at Mchukwi Mission Hospital..

Past projects:-

·         Wheelchairs distribution (Kenya and Tanzania)

·         Blood Pressure Machines distribution-  (oldadai Dispensary in Arusha District)

·         Cloth and soft body lotion distribution to the poor women (oldadai village)

·         Disabled self reliance Program (Nzega District)

·         Educational or gospel literature distribution

·         Voluntary Sector Health Program (maternal health, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS)

·         Support food for Pastors and education for Pastors children in Arusha..

·         Feeding Program for 150 children and 70 female poor youth in Arusha

Hope into action

Whether they have a faith or not, people support The Norbert and Friends Missions because they know we have the courage and integrity to take the difficult positions.
They expect us to deliver good-quality aid that tangibly helps people in need. They know we are a bold, incisive, effective, efficient, results orientated, growing and ambitious organisation that equips and encourages people to put their faith into action.
All our work is based on the spirit of partnership. We want people to pray for us, to act, to give and to get involved with us in a variety of ways.
Together we can have great influence and impact. We will educate and mobilise people from all kinds of backgrounds to build a global movement that can change the course of history.
Our faith tells us that ending poverty and suffering is not simply a dream but an imperative from God. It gives us the confidence to turn this hope into practical action.
Working with others is vital to the nature and purpose of The Norbert and Friends Missions  , and we take seriously interfaith and intercommunity dialogue and cooperation.
We are part of the commitment by churches in Tanzania and Malawi to help build a more inclusive, just and sustainable world community: one world – our world – where all people can live with dignity." 


The Norbert and Friends Missions receives funding or medical equipment and supplies from our main partners:-

·         We care solar                                              

·         Te Doy Foundation                                      

·         International Surgical Mission Support      

·         Shalom Church of God                               

·         Little Dresses  Africa                                             

·         Fai Project                                                

Corporate evaluations:-

The Norbert and Friends Missions is committed to evidencing the change that we are making, and being transparent and accountable in our work. As part of this commitment, we regularly commission external evaluations of large or significant pieces of work.
How can you partner with us:-

·         Send us self reliance equipments or tools (help to self help program)

·         Education sponsorship for children or youth in Malawi and Tanzania

·         Join to eradicate poverty among women in Malawi and Tanzania

·         Build our orphanage in Malawi and school Dr David Livingstone School in Tanzania.

·         Send us the relief containers of equipments (clothe, blankets, medical equipments and supplies)

·         Volunteers/Mission teams

·         Support African Pastors (build their houses, support their children, help them to join Bible schools

·         Help the Refugees who are suffering from Nyarugusu Refugees Camps in Tanzania

·         Build churches, bible school and other secular schools in Tanzania and Malawi.

·         Mission teams or volunteers (medical and non medical teams)  are most needed in our community both in Tanzania and Malawi..

We may discuss to know how best we can work together for the betterment of the Kingdom of God..
Thank you.
Rev Norbert Enock Mbwiliza
Cell +255 755 29 66 74
Skype (norberttm)                                         

Since 1999 over 60 The Norbert and Friends Missions volunteers have visited Tanzania. Many were taking a career break or travelling on a retirement project. Their experiences in this lovely country, one of the poorest in Africa, have made an enormous contribution to the success of the The Norbert and Friends Missions projects.

Current activity:-

We have three priority areas for support:

  • HIV/AIDS livelihoods
  • Education
  • Vocational training

These new businesses backed by training with our local partners have enabled over 5000 adults and children to benefit from the livelihoods projects. Recipients, usually HIV+ widows with children, are chosen by local staff and are given basic business training. After this, they are given a grant of roughly £100 (which goes a long way in Tanzania) and are supported by local staff to buy the necessary stock and equipment for their business. If the business does well, they are encouraged to apply for a small loan. These additional injections of capital have allowed businesses to diversify, buy in bulk and some have even grown enough to employ others.

We have helped to build 1new classroom and refurbished  others to combat the significant overcrowding of classrooms common in the area. We hope this will help improve the quality of education children receive.

We are currently focused on maintaining the classrooms we have built

More from Tanzania...

Creation of the training on HIV/AIDS Widows affected by HIV/AIDS are helped to start small businesses with the help of local mentors and a capital grant from the Foundation.  Over 300 such businesses now flourish. 

Also in 2008 was the support provided to the micro-finance programme, which enabled over 600 fledgling businesses to expand through the provision of short term loans.               

Widening of the education programme. This included sponsorship of school activities, provision of text books and scientific equipment, and supply of desks to primary schools.  We also invested in vocational training, providing woodworking tools and sowing machines for training young people in the Maasai area         

 We partner and work with over 22 local organizations across the country (Tanzania and Malawi) and contribute in the areas of Education, Women’s empowerment, Livelihoods, Community Development, Child care and Health Care. We work with the volunteers who join our programmes to fundraise and support our local partner projects through our Foundation.                                         

We also introduced the concept of top up a small loans to our original recipients in Moshono and Mlangarini villages in Arusha

Continued growth of the grants and loans programme. Refined the business training given to recipients.

Grants & Loans continue to develop.  Management structure upgraded in order to streamline processes. Orphans and past students supported by returned volunteer


    Milling Machine Project in Manyire village Arusha

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                   Our  Workaid Sewing Class in Arusha                                                                                            Bild

                     Dr David Livingstone students in Manyire village 2008

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  Little Dresses Children Project in Arusha and Ngorongoro


          We work with Global Adventure for tourism and volunteering Program

                            The Global Adventures Safaris

After many years ago we have made a Safari to our different National parks in Tanzania and we were captured by the beauty of our country in all its aspects, which made us decide to start as a tour operator in Tanzania.

If you are looking for adventure, action or a beach holiday, we can do it all for you and your customers.

As from the moment of arrival in Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport you will be picked up by a personal driver/guide who will escort you during the whole stay on the mainland and drive you in a 4 wheel drive which is specially designed for safari’s with onboard extra large windows (for excellent view), open (shadow) roof, air conditioning, refrigerator and extra leg space. Read more >>               


                                                 E-mail (

                                                 TelFax;    +255 27 254 62 33
                                                 Cell:         +255 767 707 352



Dear friends we are looking a person or an organization willing to support mr Eben Ayo and other two ladies from Mbeya who are expecting to join universities abroad.

Eben Ayo has already joined university and he is in need to pay for school fees..He is studying Bs medicine.

Call us as soon as you can!!






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