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St Francis Seminary

• Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 • Canada • 905-468-9502

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A Place to Grow in Christ

Established in 1960, St. Francis Seminary trains candidates for holy orders in the Community Catholic Church of Canada and also offers online and onsite training for those seeking holy orders in the OId Catholic and Independent catholic churches across North America. 

For residents of Ontario, St. Francis is also pleased to offer the Lay Pastoral Training program, preparing chaplains for community ministry including officiating at weddings.

The call to ministry can be a challenging road for many.  For some, university costs are prohibitive. Some have come to the understanding of their vocation later in life and feel it may be too late.  For others, their faith community will not offer ordination because of their gender or sexual orientation.  

Many wonderful, gifted people who have felt a call to serve Christ as Priest or Deacon have experienced the denial of their ministry and have settled for other helper roles in the church and community.  We can help.  If you have an earnest desire to serve the people of God, we will train and support you in your ministry. If you are in the US, we offer training as you work with a local independent catholic church or as you establish your own parish in your area.

Here in Ontario, The Community Catholic Church of Canada offers a spiritual home to those who, like the disciples, have heard Christ's invitation to follow him. We affirm those who feel that call to a sacramental life, who understand the grace and love of God available through Worship, Word and in the Bread and Wine. We support those who wish to minister among the people of God in a parish setting and those who feel the pull to assist and serve their community through Life Celebrations and visiting.

St. Francis Seminary offers a place of study and a caring community.  We are affirming and inclusive, welcoming all who seek a connection with Loving Creator. 

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