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Bible Truth Foundation is a non-profit, independent endeavour with a definite purpose of publishing the facts of the Bible embedded with the rigorous proofs found in the fields of History, Math, Science, Archaeology, Ancient and modern world events etc., most of which relating to the fulfillment of Prophecies as part of God’s grand plan of salvation.. This is for the intellectual non-Christians (non-believers) of this country(India) so that they may come to the knowledge and understanding that THE GOD OF THE BIBLE, WHO IS ALSO THE GOD OF ISRAEL, IS THE CREATOR AND CONTROLLER OF THIS UNIVERSE; WHO IS NOT A GOD OF THEIR BELIEF AND WHO IS PRESENTLY PREPARING THE WORLD FOR THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, HIS BEGOTTEN SON AND THE ONLY SAVIOUR OF MANKIND. The following is my impression from the responses in thousands, which I received in and through my almost 12 years of Radio ministry.

I believe that unless the above written fact is carefully and clearly driven home, the hearts of the intellectual non-Christians (non-believers) of my country (India) cannot be made receptive for the sowing of the seed of the Gospel. It has been found that for educated Indians, it is very difficult for them to accept the facts of the Bible, which they think as “only of a recent beginning”. Besides this, they take every religion as the same and equate all gods and goddesses with the Creator God.

Such general religious consensus of Indians is clearly reflected in this statement of Mahatma Gandhi: “For me the different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same tree”.- (M.K.Gandhi, Christian Missions: Their Place in India, - p.126). So far the Indians have not been able to comprehend the fact that the God of the Bible is the God of the Creation and the Bible is His Word and Jesus Christ is God, as they comfortably and inadvertently equate GOD with their idols.

This fact is again vividly reflected in one of Gandhiji’s own statements where he said that he had the greatest admiration for Christ as a Person and was quite willing to acknowledge Him as one of the world’s greatest teachers, but never as the unique Son of God. He said, he was unable to place Jesus on a “solitary throne”. I think, perhaps nobody took enough care in introducing the God of Israel and the Bible to Gandhiji, and because of which, though he was an ardent and sincere seeker of the Truth and was ‘not far from it’(Mk12:34), he could not ‘know’ it (Jn.8:32) and could not experience the wonderful freedom in Christ, finally lost it forever. Most educated and intellectual Indians are of the same attitude besides having several prejudices against Christianity. Because of this, there are only 2.6% believers in this country, even after 200 years of evangelization!

It can be said that for an evangelist in India, it is imperative, in the first place, to make a vivid presentation of the God of the Bible or the God of Israel as the Creator and Controller of this universe, in order to make Him Unique in the eyes of the non-believers and then only the seed of the Gospel can successfully take root. In other words, the traditionally seasoned and prejudiced hearts of the non-believers should first be prepared in this way before they can be made to receive the truth of the Gospel.      

Therefore, I have started this programme named Bible Truth Foundation  and through this endeavour,  I want to present the God of the Bible and His Word from different perspectives to these people of my country , as a Pre-evangelical Step: Preparing their hearts and minds first. Presently most of the evangelical work in India is being carried out among the tribal people and the down trodden class (as,of course Jesus also died for them), but much less is being done for the elite and the educated class who are normally not conducive to the simple presentation of the Gospel and want to know the facts in a more relevant and evidential way . So I believe, if  adequate presentations are made available for the intellectuals regarding the God of the Bible as THE CREATOR GOD, others will follow making it easy for the Gospel to take root in the hearts of the people.

There are wonderful articles in the Internet (of course confusing and misleading ones are also there); I believe, if such powerful documents are properly re-produced (of course with permission). to enlighten the understanding of the intellectual non-believers, (who have been proved difficult to be reached with simple Gospel - leading  them first to accept the facts of the Bible as unique), then only they can be led to the saving faith in Jesus, our Lord.

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