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Hope of Glory Ministries - Uganda

Kampala, Uganda - East Africa • Kampala, Uganda +256 • Uganda • +256774569485

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Harvstime School of Christian Ministry and Leadership - Free of Charge.                                                                                                              

Nurturing,Training & Equiping Saints for the Work of Christian Ministry in this End time  (Ephesians4:12)                                                                                                                

Certificate : Diploma: Degree


Harvestime school of christian ministry and leadership is a free ministry school for the Gospel ministers and believers.

The vision is to Nurture, Train and Equip the Saints for effective work of Christian Ministry (Ephessians 4:12)

Many local Church pastors and Gospel ministers in Uganda need this ministry training. they want so much to be trained, but the available Bible colleges & schools are costly which most of these pastors Gospel ministers can not afford. In addition to this, the believers also need to join the force of global Spiritual harvest. this therefore, calls for the training which Hope of Glory Ministries is offering free of charge through Harvestime school of christian ministry.

Kindly keep praying with us for more Harvesters to join the Harvest field of the world (Mathew 13:38)

Jesus said, "..Go into the whole world & Make Disciples, Teaching them...." (Mathew 28:19 - 20)

God wills that all people get Saved and Come to the Knowledge of the Truth.

This is our Mandate all, Join us....




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