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Health, Healing & Faith Center

P O Box 842 • Fort Pierce, FL 34954 • United States • 7724753560

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Healing Center Ministries


Certified Pastoral Counselors / Christian Counseling / Support Groups.

Free, introductory consultation available as a ministry of Health, Healing & Faith Center Church of Fort Pierce, Florida.

Telephone counseling available for people out of town. Call: (772) 475-3560.

Or visit our website:

Christian counseling helps people find improved well-being by applying Biblical perspectives to their life situations. Christian counselors also have psychology training that provides holistic insights into the way our minds, bodies, and spirits work.

Are you looking for some support and direction? Do you want the hope that things can change by the grace and power of God? Counseling can be an opportunity for you to begin your healing journey, share your heart in a safe place, and receive unconditional compassion and understanding.

We offer compassionate, non-judgmental pastoral care and supervision for treating the many challenges of daily living, such as:

– Spiritual & Religious Issues
– Personality Problems
– Family and Marital Therapy
– Addiction
– Anxiety, Depression, Anger
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
– Adolescents and Parenting
– Sexual Difficulties
– Workplace Issues
– Loss and Grief
– Existential and Life Stage Issues

Take the steps to change your life for the better by speaking with a counselor who you can easily access by phone.

Schedule a free, introductory phone consultation. Call: 772-475-3560

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