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Global Blessings Operation Incorporated

048-Mizpah Street, Purok 4A • Cagayan de oro city, Mindanao 9000 • Philippines • 09978615552

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About Us

We are Humanitarian 

People who have already been with us can illustrate better than anything the work we do that Father revealed to us the true meaning of life, and He teach us how to deal with true and real spiritual aspect of man.

What is within us is that no one can find it in other because the kingdom of God is within each person, Luke 17:19,20 and 21. Probably, you already know what churches in your place undoubtedly true Christian, loyal and trustworthy, family-oriented and very loving.

Churches anywhere are dedicated to spiritual development program. However the number of these churches doctrines only makes it more difficult to find one that is true and workable.

If this is your first experience of searching and seeking answer to your question of life, then you probably know that there are plenty of scams out there. My advice is to get away from them and be separated.

I know a couple of sad stories about peoples who have been disillusioned in any kind of spiritual development preaching’s. Don't become one of them. Believe me, a lot of wolves in sheep clothing with their convincing propaganda's are really trying to find their prey on their dark intentions.

You do have a wonderful opportunity to find what you seek and have a happy life where there will be no place for loneliness. We present only real principles which are genuinely a result of our lives experienced. I may assure you that we filter out the scammed and check all our entries and see to it that will truly benefits the public not detriments. We are always aware if a person is actively searching for true meaning of life-then this is the key pathway to life he is dreaming of.


Far above all; as Jesus told to the inquirers in his time if he is the Messiah. He said. Come and follow me... our challenge to you... why not come and let us serve God together acceptably with godly fear and reverence for a true bonding and sense of belonging.. Shalom...


Your Servant Missionary

Rev. Dr. Bec E. Regino



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