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Helping Christian Singles

Real Christian Singles is a free online service helping Christian singles form dating relationships and possibly even find true love that leads to marriage or great friendships. All submitted profiles are reviewed by a real person rather than automatic software.

The website also includes an active message forum, live chat, a member search, Bible study tools, and games to play with other singles. All of this is free to registered members.

The site also provides articles on relationships, devotionals, and Bible lessons.

Christian Dating Ideas



couple_sunset2There's a lot to do, or so it seems, as far as Christian dating goes. I know some saved singles are more conservative than others. Some even only want to go to church or have a Bible study for a date. I admire that, but I don't at all feel that two single Christians who want to go have fun are doing anything wrong. Scripture is full of celebrations, banquets, parties and lightheartedness and I think that all of us should be quick to enjoy ourselves when possible.

So here are a few fun ideas that I think makes a good date and allows for some creative romance as well.

1. Roller skating! It was the thing to do in the 1990s and there's no reason why it shouldn't make a comeback. It's fun, it's give you an opportunity to hold hands with your date and it's not expensive. As an added bonus, you are getting exercise!

2. Rock climbing! This has really caught on but I don't think that many folks realize what a fun time it can be for a couple. And, like in example one, you are getting some exercise. 

3. Visit a vineyard. Even if you believe that you should not drink, a vineyard is still a beautiful and classy place for a Christian date. You get to walk (there's that exercise again) through beautiful land and see how the grapes are nutured and turned into wine. It can make for great conversation and most vineyards have areas where you can have a picnic. Most likely there's a vineyard pretty near to you. 

There are three good ideas for a get together with your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone who you are just getting to know (want to get an ex back after a break up?). Don't always make the other person plan things out. You, no matter if you're female or male, can suggest this to your significant other. In my opinion all of these beat the traditional dinner and a movie, though that's a fine option as well. Enjoy yourself, make memories, and give love a chance!

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