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Brad Brown, Magic

7762 Ravenswood Dr, • Florence, KY 41042 • United States • 859 647-0948

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Christian Magician Brad Brown: Bring the Wonder!

Headshot of Christian magician Brad Brown

Brad Brown is an internationally known Christian magician. He also has a heart for ministry. So, he combines his side-splitting comedy and mind-blowing magic to engage and entertain audiences while clearly presenting gospel truth.

His programs can include anything from sleight of hand to mind reading, levitation, making objects appear or disappear, card magic, or most any impossible thing you can imagine. It’s all presented with Brad’s unique sense of humor, creating an experience that goes beyond mere “magic tricks.”

Based out of Northern Kentucky, he has toured venues across the country and around the world delighting crowds with his magic shows. Now you can bring this inspirational fun to your church, camp, conference, or other Christian organization.

Why partner with Brad?

Brad's Focus on Biblical Truth

More than just a magic show, Brad’s programs have a deeper purpose. Of course, the amount and depth of the message depends on the needs of your event. Some performances may not have any explicit message at all.

Brad has a master’s degree in Theology from Liberty University.  He is careful to endure that any message is biblically sound, and is presented in a clear, simple, age-appropriate manner.

Brad's Focus on Quality

Brad is a performer who strives for quality in his presentations. His programs are fun, amazing, mind blowing experiences that people of all ages can enjoy. (He works with everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens, and everything in between.) Everyone in the crowd will laugh, have a good time, and be glad they came. There is a lot of audience participation

Brad makes it easy for you!

Brad does what it takes to meet the unique needs of your event, whether you need a stage show, or something more intimate. He also works hard to make it as easy as possible for you to host the event. This includes everything from making the initial arrangements through promoting the event to the program itself.

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