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American Rehabilitation Ministry

PO Box 1490, Joplin • Joplin, MO 64802 • United States • 417-781-9100

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American Rehabilitation Ministry

American Rehabilitation Ministries (ARM) is located in Joplin, MO.  Its primary mission is to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison.

ARM began ministering to prisoners in the United States in 1973 when there were only 234,000 people in the nation’s prison population, where it had consistently hovered since the 1940s. Today, ARM ministers domestically to more than 1.2 million people who are incarcerated in America’s 1,500 state and federal prisons, and another half-million inmates occupying the nation’s 3,300 jails.

Beginning in 2001, ARM expanded its efforts internationally, beginning with a prison in Mexico and subsequently expanding to Africa, India and Russia. Later, branch ministries were added in Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines. Today, ARM takes the Gospel into jails and prison cells on six continents and it has five international branch ministry locations.

Prison Ministry and more

Chaplain Resources include:  Resources available to prison chaplains include Biblesgreeting cardsBible correspondence courses,  communion table or collapsible portable  baptistries,  and more.

Church Resources include: Resources available to churches include communion table or collapsible portable baptistries,  and online study resource matrerials.

Mission Resources include:  Resources available to missionaries include collapsible portable baptistries and online study resource matrerials.

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