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What is AMPO-PHILS.?

AMPO (meaning "pray" in the vernacular) is a National Alliance of Interdependent ministry leaders in association with people's organization that advocate a holistic approach to accomplishing its primary purpose of helping alleviate poverty towards socio-economic progress; advocacy on Moral Recovery and Spiritual renewal of the whole person, leading to the complete transformation of our society for a better Philippines.


AMPO - PHILS. INC, includes NGO's, LGU's, Cooperatives, Foundations, Civic and Non- Profit Organization.


“A Christian Multi- Sectoral Organization that strengthens the family, that there can be wholeness and abundant life. Promoting the welfare of every family against any form of injustices. Advocating transparent and good governance, helping the poor to access the basic social services.” 


“Transforming our organization into a Holistic organization helping each other to become a God-fearing, responsible citizens that supports the needs of the Christian Churches, and paid the government dues righteously.

Our Objectives

a.    Individuals confessing and accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Living in harmony and peace, serving other people.
b.    Christ Centered families responsibly working for their improved quality of life.
c.    Christ centered communities living harmoniously together and are addressing their own problems and needs.

Our Core Strategy
“Character building in the family, in the church and in the community through God – centered and culturally sensitive education.”



1. Religious Inter-Faith Affair

  • Prayer for our National Leadership, Churches/Ministries, Countrymen for God's favor and blessings to abound.
  • Inter-Faith Fellowship, regular and periodic meeting in advancing the movement for national solidarity and change leading to socio-economic and spiritual renewal.

2. Good Government and Political Affairs

  • Moral Recovery Program for Values Formation and Righteous Leadership
  • Advocacy on related issues for government policy and legislation.

3. Livelihood And Enterprise Development 

  • Capability building for Organizational development and Entrepreneurial expertise and channel of services.
  • Technical / Professional assistance in the preparation of business plan/ feasibility studies and new product/ business development and implemenatation thru business consulting.
  • Institute capital build - up systematic capital accumulation plan and /or refer to financial institution for funding.
  • Create a network of producer of finished and raw materials and distribution of economic goods, services, nationwide.


4. Moral Ascendency And Values Formation

  • Advocate the 4Ms of Government ( Makadiyos, Makabayan, Makatao, Maka-kalikasan).
  • Lecture and Train on Moral Recovery Program for Values Formation and Righteous leadership and good government.
  • Provide training for Spiritual renewal for the transformation of the whole peron.

5. Leadership Development and Good Gevernance

  • Leadership Training on Management and Good government
  • Team - Building and Teamwork
  • Project/program implementation, monitoring and assesment.

6. Community Development Programs and Services

  • Assistance in support and cooperation to government programs for community development and delivery of basic services

7. Humanitarian and Social Concerns

  • Outsourcing for financial resources for medical/dental, Nutrition and hygiene, relief goods distribution and services.
  • Mission initiative for emergency response to Disaster and Relief; Medical - Dental; Mass Feeding, etc. operations.

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