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Water From The Rock Public Speaking & Vocal Training for Apostles, Evangelists, Ministers & Others

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Oral Fluency for Non-Native English Speakers

Your Call into the Ministry is personal. But, your message must have impact. This means additional training is needed to make sure your word pronunciation is accurate and clear. I can help you improve both your pronunciation and fluency to ensure your delivery is executed flawlessly.

Oral fluency is the key component to delivering God's word to diverse audiences.



Crafting Your Message ( Native and Non-Native)

The best speakers are the ones who can keep an audience engaged for an extended period of time. As a new or seasoned speaker in Ministry, the way you structure your message is as important as the delivery . 

At every stage of your sermon, presentation or lecture the importance of time, order and sequence must flow seamlessly one to the other. 

As an experienced Speech Coach, Trainer, University EFL Lecturer for 8 years and a Public Speaker for 20 years, I have developed a formula for Success in Speaking. 

My formula incorporates the Rule of Three to Writing and Public Speaking 


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