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Remnant Restoration Ministry

1100 Bluff Springs Rd • Ashford, AL 36312 • United States • 3345000046

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Who We Are

Remnant Restoration Ministry is a evangelistic ministry started by Rev. William Tracy Sanders along with his wife, First Lady Crystal Sanders.  We have been commissioned by The Lord to repair God's people in the Church.  We are repairing the Remnant of The Lord.  We are seeking out the prodicals by doing our best to walk in the fullness of Luke Chapter 4:18.

Rev. Sanders has been in active ministry for over 20 years.  He has pastored two churhes and has help plant two others.  Crystal's part of the ministry is focused on broken, battered and abused women who have felt alone and forgotten.  Her testimony and speaking engagements has and will change the lives of women who can relate to her and the focus of her ministry

We are a King James Bible ministry and will not be removed to any other.  Though we recognize the Constitutional rights of others believing in another bible version, we hold true to the KJV and know that it is the Word of God that has been established by Him for this hour.  

We are a Full-Gospel ministry, yet, we minister to any part of th Protestant body of Christ that holds to the truths of the Gospel, who recognize that marriage in between one man and one woman, who will respect the balance of I Corinthinas Chapter 12 in our lives.


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