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The Church that brings Hope to a hurting Community and changes its young generation to the true meaning of the life. We are your friends in bringing HOPE TO THE HOPELESS, DOING ADVOCACY FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED YOUNGSTERS AND WIDOWS, HOPELESS LDERLY GENERATION. Little do you know that you can be a refugee in your own home, family , community, District , at your own dinning table, at your parents, at any time and any moment. Many eyes look at us for mercy , many hands are stretched at us for a bread, many bodies are sleeping without a covering, BUT WITH YOU WE CAN BRING CHANGE.  YES WE NEED TO STAND WITH OUR GOVERMENTS AND ADDRESS THE CHALLENGES OF OUR PEOPLE. WE FOCUS ON AGRICULTURE AS A WHOLE AND HEALTHY AS A WHOLE, AND EDUCATION AS WHOLE, AND EVANGELISM AS A WHOLE, AND HABBITATION ( home) , some remember just need training though some need feeding , though some need to know GOD ( SALVATION ), and some need to be helped in a group to start up an income generator.   Join us positively to bring life to the hurting. AS A TEAM WE CAN

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