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Omega Covenant International Fellowship

PO BOX 4513 • Tampa, FL 33677 • United States • 1-813-398-2659

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Omega Covenant International Fellowship

Welcome! A Fellowship of Believers in High Expectations of Yeshua Ha' maschiach Dominion Return

A Fellowship right in time for the 21st century of Five - Fold ministry Ordaining Anoininting and Appointing 

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher for the Edifying of the Body of Christ.  We help you who

may have been left out, feel your no other fellowship has room for you, We make it easy to live your Passion

of serving Jesus Christ through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  Tell every man and women preacher you know 

help build and grow with this fellowship while your young or middle age to have a lasting Legacy of friends in 

ministry that will be their to help support you, grow older with you and suffer with you...

Benefits of Joining Fellowship


Hurry to make the 4,000 Emeritus Member Contribution period,

This is your Season of Financial Breakthrough 

Check Join us benefits Section


Benefits of Joining


1] Covenant brotherhood when you need it established internationally with locally based concentration of Jursidictional growth

2] Assistance setting up your corporate ministry, spiritual ministry

3] Fellowship website to go live video-audio internationally

4] Fellowship licensing/ordination/charter documents/clergy attire -ordination included

5] Fellowship honorary degree - transcript through life skills application processing

6] Fellowship lifetime Emeritus membership of no tithes to pay;

    1. Only to those first 4,000 ministers who contributed $2,800 within the period of contribution

    2. These 4,000 are only ask for their freewill offerings nothin else and no amount will never be stated

    3. We do ask genuine fidelity to the fellowship through local, regional or national fellowship meeting(s)

    4. If the household income of the lifetime Emeritus member supports spouse, both is counted as exempt contributed Emeritus                  

        membership members

    5. If future income regular or not is obtained from other Emeritus member household it is counted as exempt, only freewill offerings of  

        any kind will be ask with never a stated amount

    6. If the household of married husband and wife whether both are ministers or not want to support the vision of the fellowship through

        this special contribution period they may and we encourage each household to take advantage, only the first 4,000 preachers and or

        their wives contibutions we will not take no more than the 4,000 that we have prayed and consecrated to the lord in this matter

    7. We hope that Emeritus exempt members invest/use available income that is not tithe wisely for their posterity individually

    8. group health/life insurance benefits will be made available check your State Jurisdictional Office for assistance.


upon our Ecclesiastical office purchase we will only be helping raise funds for Emeritus member church property


Help purchase our International Ecclesiastical Office


All this is included valued over $10,000 for each contributing member who becomes a lifetime Emeritus member from tithing to fellowship

                                                                                             Join Now !!!

                                                                              In this window of opportunity from 

                                                                                 June 1, 2015 - April 30, 2016


                                                 Full payment                                                                       payment plan                           

                                             $ one payment                                                                          $ 3 months

                                                                                                                                              $ 6 months

                                                                                                                                              $ 9 months

                                                                                                                                              $ 2 months


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